The Music Thread

hmmm … mancs :thinking:

Shit, Wiki says you’re right (well… Stockport). Never liked them anyway…

Great song and a great vid from some genuine Liverpool scallies.


I double checked this time… Wirral, I’ll allow it.


Woooow, haven’t heard this 1 in ages. Classic right here.

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I was going to mention them later, I don’t know why they were the 1st I thought of but thought I’d have time to post later on as I wasn’t aware they were that well known.

They are from my original neck of the woods, long way from Liverpool except during the summer holidays!

Yea, this one is really a stretch.


Great song from The Jam cleverly set to a clip from an old documentary film about young Lambeth Teds.

Paul Weller turned 65 yesterday too. :see_no_evil:

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He has surely lost his marbles :roll_eyes: or one brick short of the full wall.

How the hell does he get to address the UN Security Council? I despair :weary:


The perfect antidote to modern life.


In a similar vein… and I am not sure what I have just watched with this one called Middle Finger - Not sure if these guys are on the way to a cult following if the comments are anything to go on, or on their way back to oblivion… One thing for certain, the tune worms into your head :0)

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lol … wtf … with an empty bottle of Buckfast in his hand … Eurovision it ain’t ! :laughing: