The Music Thread

Great song and a great vid from some genuine Liverpool scallies.


I double checked this time… Wirral, I’ll allow it.


Woooow, haven’t heard this 1 in ages. Classic right here.

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I was going to mention them later, I don’t know why they were the 1st I thought of but thought I’d have time to post later on as I wasn’t aware they were that well known.

They are from my original neck of the woods, long way from Liverpool except during the summer holidays!

Yea, this one is really a stretch.


Great song from The Jam cleverly set to a clip from an old documentary film about young Lambeth Teds.

Paul Weller turned 65 yesterday too. :see_no_evil:

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He has surely lost his marbles :roll_eyes: or one brick short of the full wall.

How the hell does he get to address the UN Security Council? I despair :weary:


The perfect antidote to modern life.


In a similar vein… and I am not sure what I have just watched with this one called Middle Finger - Not sure if these guys are on the way to a cult following if the comments are anything to go on, or on their way back to oblivion… One thing for certain, the tune worms into your head :0)

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lol … wtf … with an empty bottle of Buckfast in his hand … Eurovision it ain’t ! :laughing:

Three Northern Soul tracks here that share the same title , Breakaway , but all very different.

The first usually finds its way into most ‘top tens’ and contains the ‘Keep the faith’ line that became synonymous with Northern Soul.

The second is more of an oddity and less well known , but for me captures the essence of the genre and is a favourite among afficionados.

The third is by Toni Basil (later of Hey Mickey fame :grimacing:)


This sounds intriguing. A previously lost recording of John Coltrane with Eric Dolphy from 1961 is to be released:

I’m always a little wary of these previously lost tapes because if they were any good they would surely have been released at the time?

However, it appears to contain material from My Favourite Things which was my favourite Coltrane album and I’m curious as to what he sounds like with Dolphy who sounded great with Charles Mingus but like a Fast Show sketch on his own.

Both men died far too young so this is a valuable find.


Not their finest moment. Finish the gig and step off. That is not a rock crowd, won’t win them over


Kerr addresses the audience: “I guess I should introduce ourselves, as no one knows who we are.

I think that right there might be a clue as to your problem

Severe allegations against Till Lindemann of Rammstein, apparently by multiple women. Sounds like a whole system of organised rape including knockout drops etc.