The Netherlands

I think I qualify for this topic …

Don’t we love Daniel Graig …

What’s that got to do with the Netherlands? Wouldn’t you rather talk about cricket?

FFS I thought this was going to be another hot women thread, so disappointed in you.

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Is Anne Widdecombe hot enough for you :face_vomiting:

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We did not have one about my country and Danial talks about it :sunglasses:

Seems a bit tenuous, but your marvellous country certainly deserves its own thread.
I have very much enjoyed your cheese, dope and beautiful paintings.


cheese and paintings as well you say?

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Why are Dutch people so tall?

“Because tall men have more children on average and the survival rate for children of tall parents appears to be slightly higher, the genes of tall people are ‘simply’ passed on better. As a result, the Dutch population as a whole is getting longer and longer.”

The Dutch also have an awesome death metal scene, so there’s that as well.

Death Metal fans need to be tall to avoid all the stuff going on around their ankles.

My amateur anthroplogical researches have led me to believe that people from mountainous lands tend to be shorter than people from flat countries.

Diet and lifestyle are obviously factors too.

I must definitely be descended from mountain folk then. :+1::nerd_face: