The Science Fiction thread

I don’t know if there was an SF thread on TIA, but if there wasn’t perhaps there should’ve been.

One reason for starting this thread is to plug a fantastic channel on You Tube called Dust. It features SF short movies by independent film makers. I’ve watched quite a few in recent weeks and there was only one that I thought was a bit duff. Link:

Also on YT is a highly recommended site that reviews SF books, films and TV shows. I give you ‘Media Death Cult’. Link:


The Expanse. Very good so far :slight_smile:


Jules Verne :blush:

I know it was published some years ago now, but I’ve just finished reading Margaret Attwood’s ‘Oryx and Crake’. I highly recommend it. Brilliantly written and quite funny in parts. The first book in the MaddAdam trilogy. Will be reading the other two pretty soon, I think.

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Dan Simmons’ Hyperion. Brilliant.

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