The Science Fiction thread

I don’t know if there was an SF thread on TIA, but if there wasn’t perhaps there should’ve been.

One reason for starting this thread is to plug a fantastic channel on You Tube called Dust. It features SF short movies by independent film makers. I’ve watched quite a few in recent weeks and there was only one that I thought was a bit duff. Link:

Also on YT is a highly recommended site that reviews SF books, films and TV shows. I give you ‘Media Death Cult’. Link:


The Expanse. Very good so far :slight_smile:


Jules Verne :blush:

I know it was published some years ago now, but I’ve just finished reading Margaret Attwood’s ‘Oryx and Crake’. I highly recommend it. Brilliantly written and quite funny in parts. The first book in the MaddAdam trilogy. Will be reading the other two pretty soon, I think.

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Dan Simmons’ Hyperion. Brilliant.

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I believe so. Highly recommended by Mood Moidelhoff himself (Media Death Cult).
I’m currently reading PDK’s ‘Ubik’. It amazing and it’s getting really weird, although not as weird as the fashion’s Dick has his characters wearing. A film version would be visually pretty funny.

Has anyone read something from the Chinese writer Liu Cixin already? I’m currently reading short sci-fi stories from him, and they are brilliantly creative and imaginative. I’ll surely look to read more from him in the near future.

I know my wife has read Wandering Earth and said she really liked it. We watched the movie adaptation, and while it had some issues, the overall story was pretty interesting and I mostly enioyed it.