The TAN online Chess Thread

Any folks here interested in playing Chess online ?

Play with my 9 yo offline; he’s getting good and never sure who will win now. I expect in a few months he’ll be crushing me consistently and may have to migrate online.

My kid(10) plays pretty well. But he gets into second guessing and then makes a mistake. He’s never beaten me yet primarily because he’s afraid of going on to the attack. But he’s increasingly getting me into trouble. Not that i’ll ever let him know what moves to make. Never one to make things too easy for the kid. Let him figure out the moves.

…that’s one way of winning his pocket money back I suppose :wink:

Yeah there are still some mistakes that allow me into the game. I never played chess seriously and my game was probably never more than ~1300 ELO. He plays at school too with some boys who play in tournaments at a 1500-1600 level apparently and increasingly I think there is a level of sophistication he’s getting that once he puts it together I’ll be toast. I’ll enjoy it while it lasts - then its onto teaching/playing my younger boys! :rofl:

I played a bit of chess in my college days. Didn’t measure my ELO though.

Yeah me either - I’m going on discussions with my 9 year old and then looking up where these boys who play tournaments are and have ratings supposedly are viz a vis my 9 year old; that 200 extra ELO points indicate a 75% chance of beating someone; and extrapolating that I was probably slightly better than we both are now when I played more regularly as a teen.