The Ted Talks Thread

In response to a conversation in another thread, I was prompted to start this discussion.
I’m a fan of Ted talks and use them quite often in my work. The ones I have watched are mainly to do with communication and language, but there is a wide array of topics and some very interesting speakers. They aren’t all great, of course, but there’s plenty in there for everyone.
It would be great to get recommendations about any good ones people have seen.

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Until Donald Trump, Joe Rogan, Elizabeth Holmes, or the Fyre Festival guy do a Ted Talk, I’m wondering if the concept has the gravitas it needs to make me stop watching Seinfeld reruns on Netflix.

Pretty fun look at the history of quantum mechanics. I have a science background, so maybe not great for everyone, but this is fun. Pretty much every major scientific breakthrough of the early 20th century in quantum mechanics was shit on by every other major contributor to quantum mechanics :joy:

Science, it’s great when you come up with it, but shit if it’s someone else :joy: :joy: :woozy_face: :nerd_face:

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