The Unreliable Rumours Discussion Thread (Part 3)

Signing Mbappe is not going to happen, his wage demands alone, make it impossible.


Obstacles to Mbappe are not just wages alone is whether he demands Klopp and the team to play around him. It’s one thing to be so good that the team naturally builds around you but another thing to think you are so damn bloody good and demands it. Salah is one prime example, world class but fantastic humility and attitude.

Kevin Mantilla.

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Can we set up a thread for hundreds of posts stating that we won’t get Mbappe?

Your wish is my command


So too much of an unreliable rumor?

Nice-Matin posted a report the other day about how Liverpool are genuinely interested in Todibo and moved in front of Man United in the race to sign him. I genuinely can’t remember if they are a reliable outlet, they are a local newspaper from Nice if I remember correctly. So, an unreliable rumour material if there ever was one!

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Dunno it’s usually these places that report stuff that is true.

The billionaires are skint, we got to make do until the summer.
It’s not like we have a chance of a trophy or anything. :face_vomiting:

Don’t get me wrong, I love Mbappe’s talent. I also believe he would be a fantastic play for us on the pitch.

I just find it hard to believe that an ownership group that struggled to agree to pay Mo 350k per week will agree to pay Mbappe 500k plus per week because that’s what it will take at bare minimum.

Alisson , VVD were the best in their positions when we signed them but they weren’t people like Mbappe , Neymar , Messi etc in terms of popularity and importance etc.

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I meant importance in terms of marketability and branding are concerned. Not about their football skills.


It’s not just Mbappe. It’s the knock on effect to the general increase in salaries VVD / Alisson etc would demand even if an Mbappe was affordable. That’s what led Man Utd to becoming shit. The knock on effect of giving huge salaries to someone like De Gea, Pogba for instance meant that even underperforming guys like Rashford , Lingard got more than Liverpool guys

He’s playing in France with a salary no other club (except Cheaty) could give. I get him wanting to go to Real Madrid. But even if he was interested in Liverpool , we wouldnt pay what he wants

Plus , there’s every chance that he would start agitating for a move to Madrid every transfer window. Could do without such a destabilizing influence.


Would Klopp even want him? He seems to be the exact opposite from what Klopp is looking in a footballer. What’s the point of him scoring 30 goals a season if he constantly lets his teammates exposed because he can’t be bothered to press or track back. And that’s without taking into consideration his exorbitant wage demands and his diva personality.

He doesn’t seem to be worth the trouble.

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A reminder that there’s a dedicated Mbappé thread, to avoid this one getting flooded with comments about a player we have no hope of signing.


This is my main concern, money aside. It would be so annoying for everyone to have to answer questions about this

I do think a large chunk of Mbappe’s wages pay for itself with respect to the merchandise sales , for any club.


I’ve said that I don’t want Mbappe in Liverpool and from what I’ve seen of the circus that follows him , I’d stand by that.

He’s one of the best if not the best forwards currently playing. It’s nothing about his talent. Three years back would have been a different story , I suspect he’s stagnated somewhat playing in the French league though.

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Can we follow Cynical’s directive.

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