They Are All Around...Yes...GHOSTS!

Don’t seem to see a thread devoted to the supernatural realms of the world, especially of our own experience. Feel free to share any urban legends, ghost stories, or experiences that you believe might involve the ‘supernatural’. Be careful…when you sleep tonight…

Let me kick it off now…

More than 25 years ago, as with all Singapore males, I had to enlist into the Army for 2.5 years. I was sent to Seletar Camp. This camp has been around since our British Colonial times and there were stories, plenty of it especially during the war times. Even the buildings and barracks were still the same ones from those times, not renovated. In the middle of the camp, there was a big open field and in that big open field, there was a white faceless staute, with a hand that is holding on to another smaller faceless statue. When I asked the old birds, they say the story was during the war, the Japanese killed a mother in this camp and ever since the mother’s spirit has been seen wandering looking for her daughter and after consultations with the religious people, they erected this staute to help the spirit believe that the child is with her and as they only knew the story and do not even know the race, ethnicity of the woman, that is why they erected a faceless one.

My story is this camp is however one that I never understood until today. We had to do camp duties overnight and one night I was assigned to the server room for admin duties and we like that because it means we can sleep after 10PM in the room and wake up only at 6am while the rest had to prowl and patrol. I was in the room with the duty officer when we go to sleep. So the officer’s bed is at one end of the room and mine is at the other end. And there is always a small light creeping in through the door so its not entirely dark but you cannot see clearly of course. I have the habit of waking up once or twice at night to pee, so I remember that night around 3am, I wake up and sat on my bed, wanting to go to the toilet which is outside of the room. But the moment i did that, I saw a shadown sitting up in my officer’s bed and stood up and seem to be getting ready and started running towards the door and at the same time shouting for me to follow him. It was such an urgent shout and maybe in my sleepy self, I was wondering what happened. The shadow literally ran out of the door right in front of me. I was wondering what happened when I walked over to my officer’s bed and I was freaked out when I saw my officer still sleeping there. I was shocked so I called the duty sergeant who was based in the guard room in the front gate and told him what happened. He sent someone to bring me to the guard room where I repeated the story. And he told me, its not surprising because in his years based in this camp, he had unknown sightings he believed are ghosts showing up at the gate in the middle of the night, demanding to be let in and disappearing after a while. And he said I was fortunate not to have followed that shadow because God knows where he is trying to lead me to…

So that is one of the stories I have…so what…do you all have…

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Brains are funny things.

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My mother is someone who likes to stay up late, until hours when most people are asleep.

She had a neighbour, an old man who lived almost his whole life at the same place, and eventually deceased. One night, a couple of days after he had died, she was sitting at her open window when she suddenly saw something outside, like a shadow or a spirit, lingering in the air around her neighbour’s window. Once she had got past her surprise (and her scare), she identified it as her neighbour, as strange as it was. It lasted a few minutes, then she didn’t perceive anything anymore.

The following day, a woman (another neighbour) who had been given the job of cleaning up the deceased’s flat, suddenly heard strange sounds while she was in there, and went off in an almighty scare. She later went back to it (taking my mother with her because she was so afraid) and they both heard the same sounds again, like sounds of footsteps, and objects being moved around. Both felt a presence which they clearly felt was the spirit of their former neighbour, in absence of a better word. Then the son of that woman joined them and felt that presence too.

The woman and my mother then talked to that presence, telling it that it had to go, that it was time to leave, that it had no place anymore in there, that it was frightening them. Afterwards, everything went calm, and there was never again any presence felt, nor strange sound heard in that flat.

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Woo ooh woo ooh

There’s lots of ghosts where I work!

Worked in an office at a resort in Hartbeespoort for 7 years. This is where the the old Northern Transvaal was and part of one of the two original Boer Republics. November 2012, working late I go from one office to the other to get a document, turn around to go back and in the mirror on the wall I see in the office I just left a woman dressed as a Boer woman in the late 1800’s would be. I do a double take and run quickly to the office and she’s gone. No possible way anyone could have come in as I’d locked the doors.

Tired mind knowing the history of the place or a genuine apparition? Still wouldn’t be able to tell you 10 years later.

On a funnier note, a tale often told by one of my elders was the night he was coming home after midnight after a tipple. He sees this figure coming toward him so he carries on a bit until he loses nerve and starts running away. He looks back and sees the figure also running but in the opposite direction. He gets home eventually to recount his ghost story and finds out it was his brother who had come to look for him who by now had returned home not long before with a tale of how he’d been scared off by a ghost.


I don’t believe in ghosts as in the spirits of the dead. When you’re dead that’s it IMHO. The supernatural is nonsense, ask James Randi.

However I have seen 3 apparitions in broad daylight on different days in different years stone cold sober. I used to work on a farm which was very old, house was from the 14th century. I saw a lady walk through the side wall where it turned out the old back door used to be.

One day washing my car at lunch middle of summer, blazing hot. Dogs asleep, utterly quiet. Similar figure with indistinct features moved across the yard. As soon as it appeared dogs leapt up and went nuts with no sound from me or it.

3rd time in the old milking shed, older heavy set gentleman walked through the middle channel.

I think space can have memory, or something. Can’t explain any of the above and certainly no hint of malice or interaction. Only ever in that place though, never anywhere else.

Saw a UFO once too, detail later. Not saying it was aliens just mighty odd.


I love ghosts stories and watching horror movies of all kinds, even very bad ones…but I don’t believe in ghosts the way what people generally believed they are. Similar to what you say, I do not believe in ghosts as like the spirits of people who died and coming back to haunt or cannot reincarnate etc… I believe in ghosts in the sense that there are things of the spiritual realm that we may not understand and such “ghosts” are just beings that are placed to put fear into people etc. But still I love a good scare even if I do not believe they exist the way like its portray in the movies.

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I always secretly believed that people I see on the streets everyday, some of them are not real.

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I’m an open minded person, but unless I see something with my own eyes I am equally sceptical. Not sure that I have ever seen anything.

I used to live over a pub which was ‘haunted’ and while I did feel bad energy is specific areas and had some experiences which were a bit odd, I can’t equally say I just didn’t imagine or dream them. For instance just the other day I clearly heard my wife say my name which woke me up, when I replied she said she hadn’t said anything and was already awake reading and I had just rolled over and said ‘what’s wrong?’ clearly I dreamt it, but equally it was as real as anything.

There was one occasion when I was at work in a previous job, and there was just me and a girl were working, I was at one end of the room and she at the other, when apparently one of the shelves moved out by itself. The first I knew of it was when she came and told me stop dicking around, but since I knew I hadn’t done anything, there wasn’t any explanation of how it moved. There was nobody else there, it’s a kind of drawer shelf and you have to lift it slightly to get it out, so it couldn’t have just slid out by itself. I didn’t actually see it move, so can’t say if she imagined it and it was already sticking out though.

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I was in the RMR (Royal Marines Reserve) in the 80s. We were on exercise at Kinmel Park traing camp/area. We had helicopter loading and unloading drills planned for the Saturday. We were tasked with carrying out an Observation Post (Op) over the Friday night Saturday morning.
Myself and another lad Phil Edwards were due in first following a pre planned route to set up the OP and do the first two hour stint. We had comms with our HQ and also with the other patrols. It was an easy enough do as we just observed and waited for the next patrol to relieve us.
Things started going awry when the other patrol set out. They said that they couldn’t find any of the RVs on the route. We told them to stay were they were and Phil retraced our route to find them. A few minutes later they reported back that they’d met up and were on their way to the OP.
As they signed off I sensed/noticed movement on my left. A thing/entity/cloud drifted along in front of me and down towards the copter. It was about a foot of the ground and was about the size of a person. I’ll be honest and tell you that I shit myself. I started grabbing our kit to bug out of the OP when the others turned up. They wanted to know what the feck I was doing packing up the OP. All I could tell them was that I’d seen something but couldn’t describe it.
All through the return journey to our HQ Phil was quizzing me about what I’d seen. I honestly couldn’t tell him.
When we got back he started taking the piss out of me panicking and the other lads joined in. It was only when it’d died down that one of the lads asked if I’d seen a first world war soldier. I hadn’t it was just a mist. Then he told me that four Canadian troops had been killed there in a riot after WW1 while waiting for repatriation. I’m not saying it was that but I’ve honestly never felt so afraid in my life.

This is a link to the story regarding the troops at the camp post WW1.