Thiago ALCANTARA: 2022/23

That Hendo and Milner deal didn’t turn out to be very smart deals, eh?

The Milner deal has been great value…

It’s too early to call the Hendo one but it’s been ok so far.

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Milner was older than Thiago when he pocketed Messi.

I’d say we’ve made worse deals.


Not going to the World Cup.


I love Thiago and any haters can fuck off.

Sorry mods, I’m in Australia, and that’s how they talk down here :smiling_face:

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Not that I’m complaining but Gavi isnt even a fraction of the player that Thiago is, so pretty funny that hes in the squad.


Disappointed for him but it’s a bonus for us and probably didn’t think he would make it anyhow.


One more reason for wanting Spain to crash and burn.

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Good news that is,

As far as im concerned

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Can’t lie for some reason I actually thought he’d retired from Internationals after the Euro’s.

Now would probably be a good time to do so.

He was actually back in the Spain squad for games in last June, after Paris. But that was when Pedri (who has replaced him in the team) was out I think. Then Thiago himself had to withdraw due to injury.

He was always questionable.

Busquets, Rodri, Koke, Pedri, Gavi… are all almost guaranteed to be in, if there are no big issues.

Then it depends from a little group of players like Thiago, Ruiz (also not in), Soler (in), Llorente (in), Merino, etc.

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Good to see that Thiago is on a nice break before going to Dubai and join the trainings camp. :+1:

Thiago and his family do like the states :upside_down_face:

I dont like him sitting that close to the court. I was at a G-League game the other day and the cameraman behind the hoop got absolutely crushed by one of the players.

Sit further back Thiago, dont need you getting an injury because Lebron James fell on top of you.


Just as well Naby wasn’t there! :rofl:

He’s in the treatment room :sob: