Top 10 greatest UCL/EC1 winning sides of all time:

Hi dudes. All over the years we have seen many great sides winning the biggest prize in Europe- the cup with the big ears. But who are the top 10 who did it? Here is a suggested list, without specific order:

Barcelona 2009&2011
Bayern Munich 2013
Liverpool- late 70’s-mid 80’s
Ajax 1995
Barcelona 2015
Milan- late 80’s-mid 90’s
Real Madrid 1956-1960
Liverpool 2019
Bayern Munich 2020
Ajax 1971-1973

So…what is gonn’a be your list of top 10? Try to list not less than 10.
Thanks for participating. Discuss :wink::+1:

Would have won fuck all if we hadn’t been banned after Heysel. Our late-80s team was the best I’ve ever seen and would’ve hammered that lot from the San Siro.


L’OM 1993! (lots of body).

Ancelotti’s Milan sides of 2002/03 and 2006/07 for me. I can somehow believe that our lads fought from 3:0 down in Istanbul to win CL in the best final of all times but I still can’t believe that they did it against that side.