UEFA Europa League

Jurgen Klopp on the Europa League:
“We have European nights next season, instead of Tuesday and Wednesday, it’s Thursday. Who cares?” #lfc [lfc]

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I don’t actually to be honest.

Klopp is probably glad they will have less midday Saturday kick offs :joy:

That, and also this is a competition we should be looking at as being very winnable

Funny thing, I really don’t like playing Europa League but when we enter the elimination stage, I become desperate to win it. Those games can be very difficult if you play against a side that is motivated to win it (anyone’s Sevilla, Mourinho’s Roma etc.), we’ve played it quite a few times since 2001 and haven’t won it in any of those seasons.

Klopp is finally looking to win the whole damn lot before resetting to win them again.

Take that pep

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Can’t it has to be 3 days.

Potentially every none European week perhaps but the pool is smaller considering Sky will want us as well.

Plenty of 2pm games on Sunday mind.

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Considering Friday is our weekend, Thursday (late) night games are pretty convenient.

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The arsenal and the mancs were in there this season and both failed to win it, just saying :roll_eyes:

Yeah, but they’re not European royalty.

According to the league table both are better. :roll_eyes::smirk:

And the league table never lies.

Every time we’ve won the CL format of the Champions Cup there has been a better team than us the previous year :smirk:

Yes, but they’re not European Royalty.

I’m always looking forward to us in Europe, season feels half empty without it.

My natural instinct is let’s try and win #4, would put us behind Sevilla.

Group draw is on 1st September.

Already looking at potential interesting/new clubs/cities where we will play for away trips. Hopefully for only one season before we’re back in the CL!


Last time we play in the old format but yeah games every week or more never feels right.

Looks like we could get Lisbon again at some point :joy:

Liverpool, Brighton, Villarreal, Betis, Atalanta, Toulouse, Freiburg, and Sporting are confirmed for the group stage.

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I’d love us to get Betis. Had a great time out in Seville when we played them in the 2005/6 Champions League, and I’d definitely be going to the away game if we were to get them again.

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No hype from me for this until we get into the round of 16.

Expectation will be to win the group after 5 games, playing the kids on matchday 6 and avoiding the additional Play-off against a team from the CL.

But it would be ‘so Liverpool’ to play that extra two games :joy::see_no_evil:

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I think for clubs like us the trophy is less important as a trophy in its own right and more a marker of our trajectory.

Qualifying for the competition is evidence that something has not gone right. Winning it the following season allows us as fans to tell ourselves that we are righting the ship. I am hoping that this past year was such a one off aberration, I wont need the validation of an Europa run to show me we’re moving forward. If we’re doing in the league what I expect us to then I really wont care at what stage we go out of this, that’s how little in stature the tournament has for me.