UEFA Europa League

Have to start thinking about this.

Biggest negative of starting in the EL is longer travel on thursdays which means less time to prepare for PL games.

Arsenal are shit that’s why they don’t end up in the Top4 anymore but that Thursday-Sunday thing is the reason why they can’t even get close to the Top4 anymore.

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You couldn’t wait till this shitshow ends??? Why not open the Conference League thread too while you are at it?


As much as I hate the idea of the Conference League and the changes in the CL there will some nice changes for the EL this year.

  • there used to be one or two qualification rounds to reach the group stage now we would be qualified directly.

  • group stage reduced from 48 to 32 teams.

  • which means there is no more k.o. round of 32 anymore.

  • winning the group means one lesser k.o. round to play.

  • runner ups of the groups playing in a qualification k.o. round with the relegated teams from the CL.

So as a group stage winner we would have maximum 13 games to win the whole thing - just like in the CL so far.

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Keep playing the way we are and we will miss out on this too.


Surely our fringe players will be good enough for a lot of this.

You’re now moving from jinxing our single matches to entire competitions of next season by opening threads despite knowing your record? :joy:

If this is a ploy that we don’t even feature in this one, then that’s a master stroke. :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah :roll_eyes:

He will just land us in Conference League :nauseated_face:

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Arsenal already 1-0 down. Could be a good ebening for their ex-manager.


Would be nice to be the first to win it

Am I allowed to lean towards United winning it over Arsenal…I better now leave the room before I’m lynched…if the Arse make the CL that just ain’t fair.

And the possibility of 2 all English finals doesn’t thrill me either.

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Roma keeper must’ve been on a bung.
Also that’s never a penalty on Cavani.

Arsenal are not in top 4 as they are shit. Nothing to do with Thursdays.

@Walshy07 do you realise that this thread is for next season’s tournament?

They are shit.

Still think that playing Thursday night will cost even a good team points in the league.

Huge difference to playing Tuesday / Wednesday in Central Europe and then in the league on Saturday then to be somewhere in Eastern Europe on Thursday night and playing on Sunday in the league.

United have done okay?

We need anything we can get. The schedule is one aspect of many. I wouldn’t exaggerate that. We’re big boys, what are we afraid of? We should qualify from the group stages with some heavy rotation.

We’re a club that wants to be in Europe (of course the CL) every season. To be there, you need to have certain strength in depth. We can’t go from that to a short squad in a year and then go back to a CL squad.

Qualify for anything we can, like we will try. But we have time, we have the whole summer to talk about this IF we get EL football.

Not afraid and of course if we miss out on CL I want us to start in the EL no doubt.

Out of interest, when was the last time an Europa League winner was Champion in his League too?

Probably someone like Porto or Shakhtar in those lower level leagues.

Not a great comparison because when you end up in the EL and even if you win it, it tells also to a certain extent about your overall situation and that maybe you’re not really equipped to win the league yet?

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Ops I didn’t sorry.

Klopp said basically the same in his presser today.

But you can easily get a Russian or Ukrainian team in the UCL.

It’s also a bit odd coming from someone who risked Jota and Fabinho in a dead rubber away.