UK Politics Thread (Part 1)


It’s over.

You welcomed this bloke into the fold.

The end.



Tones is ok, just a little misunderstood.

Yes, there’s the denying, the misogyny, the political backstabbing, the Murdoch press, the general negativity and the all round ‘vibe’ of the guy…

But he can’t be a bad guy and he can prove it and put all the naysayers back in their place, he has daughters and a wife…


Tim Davie’s Saturday night primetime line up:

6:00 - The Jeremy Clarkson Experience. Live chat show. This evening’s guests include Kelvin MacKenzie, Philip Green and Sir Mike Ashley.
7:00 - A Tax Haven in the Sun. Phil Collins and Sol Campbell help Emma Watson find the tax haven she’s always dreamed of.
7:30 - Remembering John McCririck. A poignant day out on the hunt with Katie Hopkins and Madonna as they reminisce over a late mutual mentor and friend.
8:00 - Masterchef. Each week, six new contestants prepare shepherd’s pie in a bid to impress new judges Lord Jeffrey and Mary Archer.
9:00 - What’s Really Inside of Our Cocaine? Michael Gove investigates.
9:30 - Live at Wembley: Roy Chubby Brown. Filmed during his sell-out residency, the undisputed king of comedy shares his hilarious insights on Islam, rap music and spastics.


Somehow now, according to the tories, it’s ok if the UK breaks international law cause it’s only in a specific and limited way – and countries break laws all the time anyway (even though they signed up to this particular one less than a year ago and sold it to their electorate as a win win).

Why not just break the covid laws in a specific and limited way by meeting up with 6 friends instead of 5.

Cleverly bullying the EU for a deal or being the bolloxes that we know they are ?

We’re not the ones doing the bullying. All Europe wants is our money and our fishing grounds. Oh, and some money. Best just give it all to them? Nah…

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Ah thank God. I was worried there wasn’t going to be a UK politics thread.

I remember us all joking at the start of Brexit negotiations when someone suggested the gov. Just break their word and in turn break international law because, hey, what are the consequences? And now we are at a point where they are actually considering it.

Boris and Trump aren’t the people that actually scare me. It’s the fact that both can move the goal posts so much and create a (very scary) ‘new normal’ and they both would still get voted back in if there was an election tomorrow.


That’s not strictly accurate. Yes on the fishing grounds but their main priority is maintaining the basic ethos and rules that have formed the foundations of the EU. It’s the UK that is seeking special arrangements that break those rules.

As if this wasn’t known before we decided leave.

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In a lot of cases, that’s exactly why we chose to leave.

They never wanted a deal. The long game was always to pull us out with no deal. That’s where the real money is.

Still beggars belief that people swallowed it.

We were told those things are bad. Are they really? Doubtful in many cases but I concede it isn’t perfect.

Apparently, the UK government wants some of those benefits back now and thinks it can pick and choose.

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It’s a start I guess.

The 3 big one’s will be what happens with those next door, China and the US.

probably a massively over spun, exagerated deal, announced to take the sharp edge off the no-deal that you’re getting with Europe and the mess that the US trade deal will be when you fuck up the GFA. You’re selling knitwear and wensleydale to the Japanese anyway, not sure how much more they want.

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Stilton, Marmalade and biscuits it’s written into the deal. :upside_down_face:

You created the border down the Irish Sea you stupid, fat cunt. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:.

It fucking irks me that there is still 50% of the population that will take his word as gospel.


I suspect that this will be another Boris U-turn.

There’s a chance it will get voted down and there have been sounds from the US (Nancy Pelosi) that if he goes ahead any future UK / US trade simply doesn’t happen.

In some ways it’s quite amusing that he’s manged to completely stitch himself up. I suspect he’s being pushed by the ERG. I think he’s fighting for his job. Second wave coming too.

We are in big trouble.

I remember this deal was sold to the UK public (those that believed it) that this deal was crucial as our farmers could sell the lamb that we normally sell to the EU to Japan instead. Just one or two fundamental flaws with that idea.

I can only hope that people actually open their eyes come February next year but how you dig yourself out of the hole is another matter.

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Well isn’t it all going swimmingly.

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We could have never of guessed.

Sweepstake / Poll on how bad it will get?