UK Politics Thread (Part 2)

Hi. I’m not from this planet. I’ve been reading this thread in an attempt to ascertain the political customs of Earth. I think I understand your legal system, but please let me know if I have it wrong. As I understand it, the entire ritual takes place on your television. A priestess appears to bake cakes. Some earthlings are startled by her size. A throng of supernatural beings descend from heaven. Some of these engage in same sex activity. Then the high priest known as Gary Lineker returns to your television to make the sacred pronouncements for that season’s edicts. Is that it?


I occasionally jump in here to get the lowdown on politics back home.

Chubby cake bakers and gay angels.

Got the main points sorted!


You’re being deliberately obtuse here. We’re specifically talking about ep 3 and ep 7 of TLOU here. Episodes almost entirely about not gay characters but their relationships which add zero to the overall story. If they were straight, trans, dwarfs even Welsh it’s still pointless. The fact they are gay is there purely to virtue signal.

Anyway, enough in the politics thread. Doubt this will be the last word though.


The BBC is full of woke box ticking nonsense because a show on Channel Four hired a presenter who is slightly larger than you’d normally see, and a show on HBO had some gays.

I think that’s about the gist of it.

OK, I’ll make this my last word here until the next Tory scandal. Tuesday it is then.

That you see episode three of LOU as virtue signalling not only shows your casual bigotry and homophobia (although you obviously would reject it as this), but also that you are incapable of understanding the narrative choices at work.

Spoilers ahead.

The fact that the two leads turning out to be gay is essential to the episode. If the Bill finds a woman in the trap, or vice versa, then the expectation, based on decades of cultural norms, is going to be that they will fall in love - that’s what straight people of roughly the same age tend to do in films and on the telly.

With two men, suddenly that changes the dynamic. There is an air of tension to the narrative, as our expectations take a different turn. We’re immediately wondering who will betray who. Is there going to some sort of struggle? Is Bill going to regret taking in this stranger.

This is why the scene at the piano is so amazing. It’s incredibly nerve wracking, as Bill drops his defences to show him how to play the song properly - you’re on tenterhooks waiting for the betrayal, until the writers totally flip your expectation, and it becomes a touching and romantic story of the two characters finding love in the midst of everything else that’s going on. It’s a rollercoaster.

So that’s an example of a story where a gay relationship is essential to the narrative, and one where a gay relationship is entirely incidental. You didn’t approve of either of them. You see why it’s easy to reach the conclusion that there some deeper issue going on.


Doubt this one will be either……

I look forward to picking this up in your new thread ‘Is the BBC now too woke or has Mrs Brown’s Boys been recommissioned again?

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More wokey far left propaganda from the BBC


im sorry, what exactly happened in that story @ILLOK

Bit of background here but basically BBC accusing some of the women footballers who were evacuated from Afghanistan as being fake refugees:

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Lets get the ball rolling again :0)

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I didn’t know there were so many ball gag experts in the UK, obviously a bunch of perverted fuckwits! :rofl:

Looks very comely on that old lady.

Line crossed

It’s a problem because it’s clearly triggered something in you.

More important than TV presenters…


It’s a problem because people are clearly employed to make sure it’s crammed into the show. So it really really matters to some. But seemingly it only matters to me? Really?

As for triggered, no. This debate isn’t about this point specifically, it’s about the modern day incarnation of Chairman Mao appointing baking competition judges.

Once again, save it for the BBC thread.

That doesn’t surprise me at all. I’ve been working in Germany for just under 4 years and I’ve had 5 salary rises in that time. In the previous 8 years I’d only had two and both were related to my terms of employment being altered.

Comparing what I am paid now compared to what I was paid 4 years ago (considering my current job has much lower responsibility) is about 25% more.

I don’t think people in the UK are very good at seeing what is considered normal in comparable countries. It’s a bit like the recent fruit and veg debacle when Brits living abroad were pointing out that it was only the UK that was affected.

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Is there a BBC thread? I could do with a laugh.

UK is slowly and surely becoming a third world country. London otherwise.

Money and black holes.


Noticed this story on my Twitter feed:

Has anyone actually followed the money trail for this one. There’s obviously a grift going on somewhere. I’m assuming it ends up in the usual tax havens.