Unread posts not showing

So, for as long as I’ve been here, once I read a thread, I’ll get a green notification with the number of new posts beside it. However, over the last while, I’m only seeing the green number against some threads, despite me reading others (regularly) and them containing new posts.

Any ideas?

Once you post in the thread then you will see the green notification.

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You can also click the bell icon at the bottom of a thread you can set a level of following of that thread. ‘Tracking’ or is the one you want to see the bubble for unread posts. Sometimes it sets to tracking automatically, I think after reading enough posts or posting in a thread yourself.

Are both of you using a specific theme? my bubbles are red on pc and yellow on mobile.

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Sorry found the answer…


So I was only half going mad, I did track topics I read automatically… but only when I read for 4 mins or more.