Upgrades : Monday/Tuesday 11pm-4am GMT

Hi Lads,

You will have some interrupted service over the next couple of days.

Today I upgraded the forum software (and upgraded the server for Everton game) . But on Monday and Tuesday I will be moving the server to a new host. Along with that there will be a couple of big features I am adding which will further improve the site.

Apologies for any downtime during this, but it will be worth it :wink:

Also let me know if I break anything accidentally doing so.


Sexist! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Where’s a mod when you need one?


Haha, I should have written:

Hi Lads and Maria !

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@Livvy won’t be happy!

Not going well for you pal!

P.s. Keep up the good work.


Sorry for the couple of guys that were online a few minutes ago, was just testing something.

Bump, upgrades happing tomorrow

Bump. Upgrades in 11 hours.

Site will be read only for several hours

Upgrades occuring in 2 hours

OK everyone, I am putting the site in Read-Only Mode.

This is to allow me to transfer the site to a new host, and do other upgrades. See you on the other side.

Hopefully the site is not down for too long.

Sorry about the interruptions, I came across unexpected problems when people started logging on.

So I have reverted back to the orriginal site till I figure out the problem.

Just close the site completely from 20:00 tonight for a couple of hours and do what you need to then; we’ll all be celebrating Man U getting battered/winning and prolonging OGS’s stay anyway.

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