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Except in the context of a Roe landscape, before these restrictive laws came on the books, people didn’t need medical justifications for getting abortions in the second trimester (largely, some states still found ways to get around the Roe and Casey decisions) and still the number of elective procedures after 15 weeks was very small. You are offering a justification for a legislative solution to a problem that didn’t exist.

Do you at least think your characterization of the Florida laws not being extreme is worth a rethink?

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I already said they are, sort of breezed through your op as I saw the 15 weeks and thought I already knew what the proposal was. I was unaware of the no restrictions you mentioned. I think 15 weeks with exceptions would be the sensible way to go. It will piss of the far left and the far right, so sounds like the perfect solution.

Just heard a recent clip of Kennedy speaking and damn his voice has got worse. He will lose votes if he has to debate Trump or Biden. Even Biden mumbling sounds more coherent than him.

He’s an irrelevant lunatic so who cares? Reminds me of Connor in Succession.

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I still claim he will take a lot of votes. I was thinking along the lines of 15% but now I think at max 10%.

Yet another example that Trump’s supporters don’t necessarily agree with him, they have just invented a version of him in their head that doesn’t exist

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If that is true, then how come that the Democrats aren’t able to hammer this message through to the voters?

Because Republicans don’t watch news channels that Democrats can access.

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Really? Not at all? That is shocking.

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Because a significant portion of the country doesn’t actively consume real information about the world, and even many who do have such ingrained tropes about the world that information like “GOP presidential candidate is a fucking disaster for the economy and actively wants to tank it in his second term” doesnt land and they to the polls thinking “GOP is better for the economy”

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Democrats speaking about something that happened - “Trump just murdered a nun and pissed on her corpse”.

The average voter - “Dems just want to politicize everything. I mean, both sides are as bad as each other [arent I smart]”

The mainstream media - “This is such a strategic mistake for the Dems to focus on this. Voters are hurting economically (they arent) and really just want to hear what the parties will do about the kitchen table issues.”

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There are democrats that believe he did “nothing” wrong, its not a party divide thing, its just skewed along party lines. The reason why “nothing” is in quotes is that he technically might have done something wrong, however whatever he did or didn’t do wrong, does not justify the lengths as to which the various court cases are being pushed. There are MANY people that do know this, however will never admit it because the hatred for Trump is beyond reason.

This means a lot of people (democrats, republicans and independents), believe that the cases are politically motivated in some regards. I can “somewhat” liken it to jaywalking, its technically a crime, however would not be taken to the courts.

That certainly aligns with the comments I’ve seen from the general public rather than press, politicians etc. To me that comes from this growing distrust of anything remotely official, an expert, SME, and if course politicians.

They do seem to be Trump supporters though but that certainly does not mean exclusively…

Unfortunately the information you get from anyone has been proven to be tainted (sometimes) by unscrupulous individuals/groups. e.g. smoking doesn’t cause cancer from scientists employed/funded by the tobacco corporations.

The thing you are responding shows the exact opposite.

The fact there are so many people who have convinced themselves that Trump is being harshly treated out of political motivation (when the reality is he is being treated with kid gloves BECAUSE of the politics) explains the massive leeway Trump’s venal and criminal behavior gets, but it doesn’t make the perspective correct.

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It doesn’t show the opposite, it shows that it goes both ways. Some will believe he is innocent because its Trump, some believe he is guilty because its Trump.

The thing you responded to shows it going one way and one way only - something is acknowledged to be bad, but when it’s Trump who did that thing then large numbers of people find a way to excuse it.

You may believe it also happens in the other direction, but through this entire thread you have had the factual basis of such assertions shown to be incorrect time and time again. We’re now back to making a claim (this case is politically motivated and not justified by his actions) you originally said and ultimately conceded was not a good reading of the various criminal cases about 500 posts ago. Michael Cohen has already been found guilty and jailed for, among other things, the crime Trump is now on trial for.

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Ok, ill tell you where I stand so that there is no confusion on my previous posts.

Trump has (without me counting), over a 100 charges, some already dismissed or been found guilty (on appeal)). Some have some merit, some are there to pad the stats (as it happens in a lot of legal matters).

The questions I ask myself are:

Would Biden be treated the same? My answer is no.
Would some of the cases been dismissed if they were in different states? My answer is yes.
Are the fines in some of the cases extremely excessive? My answer is yes.
Are some of the cases there for political reasons? My answer is Yes
Would some of the cases still be perused if he was not running for president? My answer is Yes.
Would some of the cases exist if he was never president? My answer is No.

None of the above are statements of fact.

For some people some does a lot of the heavy work.

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Haven’t the Republicans bent over backwards to nail him with anything they can find?

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