He really soccered that into the onion bag…upper 90.

Does Trump watch football? He must get a boner every time the US gets a free kick and the Mexicans have to build a wall.

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Too busy with his golf achievements last night.

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Second leg tonight was 1-1 first leg.

Someone’s going lose it tonight.

If it goes to penalty shoot outs, is that the equivalent of “soaking”?

How can no one have asked what the weather conditions are like, is it dry, damp, moist, wet?

Prime MLS action


I saw the news last night that Kei Kamara became MLS’ all time top scorer. My first reaction was “who?”


The reaction to the loss last night is predictably pathetic.

Lots of prefacing of saying “Im not blaming the ref” while then going on to blame the ref. Lots of support from the players for Berhalter, something that was allegedly key in the USSF going back to rehire him after Reynagate. But why do such underperforming players get a say in this? Oh you’re “comfortable” with Greg? Yeah, no shit. Maybe that’s why you threw away a result against Panama after having done the hard work to nudge yourself in front while down to 10. You should not be comfortable. And you especially shouldn’t think that is a positive after just being embarrassed in your warm up to a generation defining world cup opportunity 2 years from now.


A stunning piece on the awfulness of Fox’s coverage.

Them winning the PL rights in the early 00s (?) and putting a focus on it was integral to the growth of the game here and the quality and breadth of coverage we now have. That allowed us to overlook how terrible it was, because terrible was better than no coverage. But today, when contrasted with genuinely good coverage other networks now have, their calamity coverage of the WCs and Euros is really brought back into its proper focus. I cannot wait until the WC and Euro rights come up again and someone else gets it (ESPN?).