Visiting England thread

I have a brother who wants to spend a week in England, and he’s asking me for ideas of what he should do. He has no interest in London or anything in the south.

Details: He would fly into Manchester and arrive early on a Friday morning. He is going to have a crew with him, his wife, and kids ranging from 7-older teenagers (the older teenagers would probably look after themselves and head south). My brother is going to spend 3ish days in the Lake District, and wants to see a Barnsley game while he is there (our father is from there and we have family in the area that go to the games) - so at some point he is going to have to circle that way.

Any recommendations on what else he should have on the itinerary? Should he head to east coast (Whitby, Bamburg, York, etc.), or head to west coast (Liverpool, Blackpool…), somewhere in-between? Any good ideas out there? He isn’t that interested in walking around the cities while he is there.

Malham Cove…Skipton, Whernside…Yorkshire Dales…(part of the 3 peaks).

Go to France.

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I could have helped out a lot more for the south west.
I stayed and liked Sheffield, very hilly (see Full Monty) lovely outside the city. So Pennines and Yorkshire Dales if his thing is country side and villages or drop down to see York?

Even if it rains all the time North Wales is very nice and bleak.

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Pickering with its steam railway and Hawes country village with Wensleydale cheese factory.

North Wales…Anglesey, Snowdonia…

we spent a few days in Whaley Bridge during our week in the UK (we stayed with friends who live there), some beautiful walks in that area. The drives were quite nice and I could definitely have dove into a pub or two on the way.