(Wanted) New like feature

I want the ability to like my own posts.

Well you may as well, nobody else does.


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I want the ability to dislike mine

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I’m Commander Shepard, and this is already my favourite thread on the forum.

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I propose an e-commerce function so people can buy my art the moment it gets posted here. I will contribute 20% to TAN with the proceeds.


I’ve already wired you $500,000 for the original PDF of your ‘Horse no.4’ but am still waiting to receive it via email. Do you need another $75,000 ‘handling fee’ first? :worried:

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I think that has the capacity to cause jealousy and may become dangerous.
Most discerning posters would want your work, and the squabbling would become unbearable.

Can I get $500,000 too please?

The 500k was for the account opening admin fee. You have to wire another 500k to secure first option. But do it within the next 30minutes and all you need to pay is no, not 39.99, not 29.99, it’s not even 19.99, for a limited time only, it’s just 9.99! Call now!

No way! I am sure this is a forum where all are adults and will always put forward their views and agree to disagree and respect each other and not call each other names.

Right? Guys I am right, right?

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Hmmm… price seems too low. Suddenly suspecting scam. Can you return my 500k please? :worried:

Ah.,…refund…I guess you have not read the 1880 paged terms and conditions document on page 287 section 8:1-28 on the 79 conditions you have to fulfil to qualify for a refund?

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