We are pre VVD Liverpool again

Defence breeds confidence. We do not have it. Again inconsistent. Sometimes great. Often flawed. The team get the vibe from the back.

Buy a bloody CB.

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No, this is the post Lovren era.


Is it ok to be ‘happy’ that it was Hendo who played Ings on for their goal?

Maybe it will help Klopp rethink something.

Buy / Loan / Clone a bloody CB!!!

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We can be bloody minded, stubborn. But we will not win this now.

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Hopefully there’s a long way to go. If the season is curtailed final finishing positions will be determined by points per game. After last night’s result this is the first time we haven’t been top of that table since October.

The PL still hasn’t determined how many games need to be played to constitute a season but presumably they’ll be voting asap that it will be 15.

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Yes, we are. The biggest problem with playing two world-class midfielders Henderson and Fabinho as centre half’s is that you miss two world-class midfielders on the midfield. So yes get a proper CB but according to Klopp, we don’t have the money to do so.

Hope there is enough in the tank to finish T4. What about the FA Cup, CL you say… I’m not optimistic.

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Is it just me or is this a very “Redcafe” thread title?


I don’t know, I never go there I’m not a manc.

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Schadenfreude my friend.

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No team success hinges on one player alone. For all of VVD’s undisputed qualities, if we had Gomez and Matip available with Fabinho chiming in when needed, we’d be fine.

Our problem has been the continual reshuffling of the backline, right from the Everton game until today. Half a season with hardly ever the same back four being able to play two or three games in a row. Is it any wonder that our consistency has gone out of the window?

I don’t necessarily talk about or defensive solidity btw, it’s rather our build-up play which suffers immensely from this continual change. Having to play Hendo and Fab as CBs isn’t bad in itself, but they were sorely missed in midfield yesterday night as an example, especially Hendo, in order to get us play some football.


Aren’t there enough other threads this could go in?


I certainly think we need to buy a CB…

But FMD, if you think we are not in this race you’ve got fucking rocks in your head.


We took a gamble on the CBs this season and it’s backfired. No one could have predicted the injury to VVD but Matip will obviously never be available for more than a few games at a time. Personally I would rather we bought a CB than Thiago. Great player but he seemed a luxury item once Gini was staying and it left the squad unbalanced.

Fabinho has done well at the back but, as others have said, it leaves us short in midfield and I think he offers the team more when he plays there. Henderson is never a CB in a million years and we really missed his drive and energy in midfield last night.

I don’t agree with the thread title. Defensively we were worse when VVD was playing this season but that was a tactical fuck up. We have now dropped deeper and are conceding fewer goals. The problem is at the other end of the pitch. Our creativity has taken a dive and the finishing is pants. There are so many players off form right now. Trent and the whole front 3 for starters. We miss Jota.

Form is temporary and we will come good again but it’s the CB situation that concerns me because of the knock on effect it has on the rest of the team particularly midfield. If we carry on winging it on the CBs then I can’t see us getting the consistency needed to win the league.


We’re playing like the Klopp Dortmund team the season they had all their injuries post-Lewandowski poaching - 2014-15. We’ll not end up much higher than that team did at this rate -7th.

That’s a proper push of the panic button there.

I’m no where near that, but certainly have a growing sense of concern.

Looks like have lost the belief Klopp instilled in us(some of us anyway).
If only we had a Mod team that could stop threads like these popping up :thinking:
I agree with @Klopptimist this is Redcafe incarnate.

If Klopp gets wind of this no way do we get an extension from him.

I would add, however, that the leaked footage from our preseason defence strategy meeting should have set off some alarm bells.

Mine was an early morning and not yet clear-headed enough overreaction based on the disappointment of being proven right in expecting us to lose yesterday. I didn’t say that on here btw. Just to my youngest son.

The difficult part for me is judging where things are going poorly. Yes the constant defensive changes are certainly a factor (we have only played the same central defensive partnership is 2 games running 3 times this year I believe) but there’s also other factors. Our passing, movement and balance all seem off.

Sell one (or more) of the front three, all of whom have been shocking lately.

That would give us enough money to buy a centre half.

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