Where can i get banners made these days?


My current banner is approaching 20 years old and is an Istanbul veteran.
I want to get a couple of new banners. Large type - say 8ft tall and 14 ft wide. Prob just words and logos on it.

Any advice redmen?



I have always wondered who makes the banners, so looking forward to the replies!

Google it.

I want a recommendation. Word of mouth so to speak. Google is full of rubbish IMO.

Get in touch with this guy.

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Have you got his contact info Peter ?

No mate , sorry.

@gasband Surely an artist of your calibre can manage this?

His charges are too high :pound:

Why am I getting so many compliments all over the forum? Am I really such a genius?

Do you really think your horse oeuvre can be anything else? Many an artistic genius was filled with doubt.

Looks like…

Gene Simmons GIF by TrueReal

It’s a mystery to me.

Good Luck Charlie Idk GIF

Probably better asking RAWK.

One of many… Google banners made on Merseyside etc

Handmade Banners

He does appear to have a Twitter account. It might be worth trying him there.


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and then there’s this guy



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Superb. I have made contact and all seems good. Cheers

@admins Are banners made or are they just born with a penchant for moderating people?