Who would you buy?

Like the title says, the place to discuss all the players you’d like Liverpool to sign, from the next big thing out of some obscure Eastern European side to Messi Mbappe.

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Mbappe to be announced on last day of transfer window. You first heard it here.


Where can we realistically strengthen? We have the widely accepted standard of two players per position; although a lot of the “second XI” are, admittedly, youngsters, Klopp doesn’t really rotate much and tends to stick to his strongest lineup whenever possible.

GK: Alisson/Adrian/millions of kids
RB: Trent/Neco/Fabinho/Gomez
CH: Virgil/Gomez/Matip/Fabinho/kids
LB: Robbo/Kostas/Norris?
DM: Fabinho/Hendo/kids
CM: Loads of options + possibly Thiago?
Attack: the usual suspects

Okay- we may need more depth up front but it won’t be easy to find top-class players who are happy to sit on the bench. Jones, Elliott and other youngsters should be eased in when we’re in control of games to give them more experience.


The emergence of Minamino this pre-season as a genuine option should be reassuring, and I’m very interested to see if we can bridge the gap to Jones, Elliott, and Brewster becoming serious players for us in the final third. If Klopp is able to demonstrate that it’s possible, that becomes a paradigm shift.

Our transfer targets in the next year or so will probably be midfielders, even though we have good numbers there now. A lot hinges on the contract situation with Wijnaldum, but Henderson is not getting younger or less injury prone either (likewise Milner). Fabinho, Keïta, and Jones are all a good age but to my knowledge we don’t have any middle-third midfielders coming through the youth teams who are anywhere near ready. Could Trent move into midfield at some point? If Williams and Hoever don’t stagnate it’s worth at least looking at, but they are likewise not guaranteed to reach the level required.

My feeling is that this summer is not a critical moment where we need to add players, but that probably changes over the next 12 months. Fortunately that should coincide with the economic situation becoming more clear.


It won’t happen, but if I could add one semi-reasonable, not pie-in-the-sky player to this team, it would be Pulisic. Right age, can cover both Salah and Mane, good attitude, and both sky-high potential and good enough to play for us now.

We’d solve our depth and succession issues at a stroke.

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AFAIK, most of us wanted

  1. LB cover for Robbo
  2. To replace Lovren or Matip due to injury concerns.
  3. An attacking option for left.
  4. A midfield option if Grujic is sold and Ox/Keita still having troubles.

If Taki is getting played in left, Jones in midfield and we flip the formation to 4231, it changes few things.

Klopp saw the same gaps (in the squad) as we did - but as per his usual style, he is trying to solve them using internal options from the squad rather than buy.

Going by the way things are moving, Gini not signing the extention would be causing a slight disturbance. And we could end up with Thiago and/or Gini. Otherwise there is nothing else going to happen, I think.

Yes - Shaq, Origi, Wilson and Grujic may all be sold and we may end up not replacing any of them. In which case we will see Taki, Brewster, Jones, Elliot and Neco getting heavily involved. And Fab/Hoever/Billy to get occasional games in CB.


I think a bit of a rethink is in order. I’ve settled into the 433 over the last couple of years, and that’s coloured my thinking, alongside everyone else. So we needed a full back (tick), a midfielder, and cover for Mane and Salah.

But if pre-season is signalling a move towards a 4231, then I don’t know what we need. Brewster and Origi possibly come back into play. A whole host of players become possible in the three.


Third pre season or start of a season where Klopp is using a different formation (especially the 4-2-3-1) but during the season the 4-3-3 will still be the main formation used.

Not the whole pre-season really, we still mainly played our 4-3-3. Especially with this pre-season being with all players available. With a few new options, especially Taki (a seriously better ‘footballer’ than Origi), we might flip more often to what Klopp calls his 4-4-1-1. Yesterday it was a bit odd in the first half, not compact enough. Salah isn’t really an option to play RW in that system. We played Minamino central behind Bobby, probably due to a lack of offensive full backs. So it looked more like a 4-2-1-3 (which we played sometimes with Ox, but he would play more to the right). Other than that I expect more of the same.

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Whatever Shaqiri is here to supposedly do, I get another one and move him on. Last contribution I can remember him making was that cross to Gini in the 4-0 against Barca.

Just doesn’t seem to fit or ever be fit.

He scored the goal that got Jose sacked at the swamp - that alone should give him enough in the bank to see out his contract :sunglasses:


Thiago and Sarr, and the business is done.

Sting in the tail might be Gini out, Thiago in, but I would take that.
Sales of players who don’t feature or have a future here should fun Sarr.

Arguably still light at cb but the point is well made that with Thiago in the ranks, Fabinho could drop back in a pinch if multiple injuries pile up in the one position.


Thiago, Sarr and Ajer would be nice.

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With the addition of Kostas in the bank already, that would pretty much be the perfect (within reason) summer for me, addressing all areas of need and adding real quality as well as potential.


It’s a pity, but you’re right. Shaqiri just cannot get/stay fit. The only problem with the idea of moving him on, is that the transfer market is incredibly sluggish at the moment. As far as I can tell, there doesn’t appear to be any/much interest in him, or any of our other peripheral players, from other clubs.


We just have to get Camavinga!

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gareth bale available with madrid willing to pay half his wages to get rid of him. i said this last summer but its an absolute no brainer,could cover all 3 positions upfront. we have a great chance to win the prem and champions league this year,wed improve it getting a proven match winner like him in.

That still makes the wages we would have to pay him close to 300,000 a week. (reported he’s on 600.000 p/w) Whilst he could be a great addition, I just don’t see LFC going anywhere near that. Shame really, because I bet Ox would love to have him as a golfing buddy.

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After Klopp’s comment, I dont see us signing anyone. May be another loan deal for Harry Wilson and Brewester. We need to keep Shaq. In my opinion he could be the dark horse. He is quality, hopefully he is back to full fitness.

If we sign Bale he could be a good example for young Harvey.

Top knot brothers gotta stick together!