Would you eat this?

  • Yes- I’ll try anything
  • No- I mean, seriously, WTF?

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Is this a perversion thing?

You clearly don’t remember last night, babe.

I’ll eat it only if I am completely sure that it’s dead.

yes I love eating white serving plates.

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Looks like deep fried “Alien” spawn. Is this dish called “Ripley’s Revenge”? The table has been turned!

Alien Vs Predator GIF by foxhorror


Coming back to topic, seriously, if anyone will eat it, its Chinese. I am of chinese origin, I will eat it. I just need to know whether this is some sort of living creature or just the mutated penis of a mutated being?

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Looks like a fish so definitely NO! :face_vomiting:

Thought it might be a battered sausage that’s just got a creepy look about it.

This reminds me of a time I was with my mates at a chippy and the lady asked one of them, “do you want me to batter your sausage?” and he immediately replied, “do you want me to slap your fanny?”.


Anyway, no, I wouldn’t fucking eat that thing in the OP unless it would eat me first if I didn’t. That’s gonna give me nightmares.

Will never ever forget school lunch one day, when a few of us went to the chip shop to get something to eat. Mate got a steak n kidney pie, chips, peas and gravy… walking back to school and eating our spoils on the way, this guy was chewing what he thought was a piece of meat from his pie… chew, chew, chew, chew… until he decided to take it out of his mouth to see why he couldn’t break down this stubborn piece of grizzle… On closer examination by all of us, this well and truly masticated blob still had its eyelashes attached to it, as it was the cows eyelid he was attempting to eat…!
Well that was it… there was four of us, and each and everyone of us starting ‘pavement piazza painting’ with our retching, technicolour yawns, and shouting for huey…
Forty five years ago and can still remember it clearly today… Urghh


When I used to go to the chippy for school lunch it was always a chip butty with batter (a quid!), then over to Peters bakery for a 35p iced bun. Those were the days.

What the fucking fuck is it??!?!?!?!?!?

Still waiting…

Eating it woul not be the issue for me.

Thr real question is, if given half a chance would that eat me?

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Not the eye lid but i have eaten the eye ball of a goat before.

That’s something you eat, and it lays eggs in your digestive system. Battering and deep frying doesn’t kill that.

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but it tastes better this way. Blanching it would be too bland.