Your favourite non-LFC XI

Seeing that it’s aaaaaaaaaages until our next game, I thought it might be fun to kill the time by creating our favourite team of players who have never represented the Tricky Reds.

Bear in mind that I’m not looking for the BEST players but for players you liked, for whatever reason.

I’ve limited it to players I have seen play (either in the flesh or on TV) in my own lifetime, so no Yashin, Puskas, etc.

Amoros Ayala Goikoetxea Maldini
Zidane Platini
Joaquín Riquelme Džajić

Subs: Taffarel, Ivanov, Lizarazu, Makélélé, Giresse, M.Laudrup, Ibrahimović

What’s yours?

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Aww, but I love Yashin :pleading_face:


Thuram Desailly Baresi Carlos

Gascoigne Matthaus Redondo


Messi Ronaldo (Br)

First thoughts.

Subs: Chilavert, Maldini, Sammer, Seedorf, Pirlo, Kaka, Henry

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Now, that’s a surprise for me, I thought he wasn’t that appreciated outside of former Yugoslavia. My father supports Partizan Belgrade, yet he grudgingly acknowledges that Džajić is the best player he has ever seen.



Lahm – Puyol – Kompany – Baines

Viera – Keane

Del Piro

Zidane – Ronaldo (BR) – Nedved

Based on players I’ve watched and not always on ability,

Hate him for a lot of things but Keane was an utterly immense player.


Couldn’t agree more. Fantastic player.

@Nikola - I saw Džajić play in the 70s and no left winger since has even come close, in my opinion. Absolutely brilliant player- if he had played for one of the big Spanish or English clubs, he’d be more widely acknowledged as one of the best of all time.

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great question.

baresi, Maldini, and especially Ronaldinho…they all walk right in.

Vialli at Samp…well in the mix…not becuase he was the greatest, but because thats proper nostalgic Serie A


Maldini Baresi …Carlos

… … … …

Ronaldinho Vialli

ill be back.

Puh, difficult because there have been so many great players.

Lahm Puyol Canavaro Lizarazu
Xavi Matthäus Iniesta
Messi Ronaldo Ronaldo

I‘m sure I can do better.

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