Your preferred series…

Rich Man Poor Man was exceptional in its day…


made all the better by Falconetti :0)


what a great show this was, would get cancelled immmmmmmediately now.

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Just remembered that they both have an iconic gay characters (more so the wire), that weren’t forced in just to be politically correct.

It’s a very old one. I watched it in my teens. Another series I remember from that era is Thorn Birds.

Amongst the best bad guys ever

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The Wire would absolutely be accused of being “woke” if were released today.

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Could never get into the wire, Sopranos though was amazing.

Also, The Shield was another amazing police show as well

Loved Justified.

Theres a new one as well now, Justified, City Primeval…its not as good but its decent still

Checked into a hotel in Deadwood, saw the blood stains on the carpet from a seemingly recent murder and left with extreme haste. One mad town.