Your preferred series…

I’m watching Mayor Of Kingstown at the moment. It’s a very good series, but nowhere near the crème de la crème.

So, which of these two series do you prefer?

  • The Sopranos
  • The Wire
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Please note that these are the only two options available and you have to choose one or the other; I don’t want to hear any procrastination.



The wire even thought I stopped watching when Omar died.

Man, money ain’t got no owners, only spenders.

Edit: And I have to mention breaking bad because you not the boss of me.

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Haven’t watched either.


Up there with the first 6 seasons of GOTs

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Watch them Ifti. They are both classics.


It’s not on TV, Netflix, or YouTube.

I did watch One Piece though :blush:

I’ve got the dvds. Come round one weekend and we can binge watch both series.
Might need a couple of weekends actually.

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Are they both from HBO, if so are the available Would they be available through an HBO platform in your area?

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The Wire GIF - The Wire Stringer GIFs

To everyone else saying anything other than the Wire, just remember

Image of You come at the king, you best not miss.


True dat!

Sopranos is great too though.

Oh OK. Yeah, HBO platform is available here, but I don’t have it, or Amazon, or Disney, or…how many fucking platform are there :joy:

Must be remembered though… The Sopranos was made almost 5yrs before The Wire.!
This might skew the odds slightly in favour of The Wire, as they had a blueprint of what the audience enjoyed, along with reviews, good or bad, that could be navigated to hone a better production
Equal first is my vote :0)

For me, The Wire has been top of the pile for a long time. Been harping on about it at every chance in the TV threads etc.

Plenty of other fantastic shows out there, but in my mind The Wire always ends up top.


More than Donkey Kong.

Twin Peaks? (A bit old, I know.)

Don’t know both of the mentioned series at all.

(Breaking bad was good to be fair.)

Twin Peaks is my favourite of all.

The official soundtrack was released today in 1990.

The Wire has the more unique and interesting plot. The Sopranos is funnier. The Wire has a ridiculous amount of amazing characters. The Sopranos is a bit more consistent in quality.

I love The Sopranos, but The Wire is clear for me.


BBC’s Luther
Breaking Bad
AMC’s Rubicon (1 season, great show not renewed)
Sons of Anarchy

some mainstays of years gone by.

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Twin Peaks and Homicide: Life on the Street are more than my favourite TV shows - they are my safe places!


The Good Doctor
Slow Horses

Go back a while

Rich Man Poor Man