1st Trip to Anfield 22/4

Feels surreal to finally be posting this thread. After getting my dreams crushed in April 2020 because Covid…I thought I wouldn’t get another shot to attend a game anytime soon…but that has changed!! Leaving the States on Thursday and coming home Sunday…fast & furious!

Me and my buddy are going to the game this weekend vs Nottingham Forrest. We’re taking the train up from London 8:00am and should be there around 11:00am. Does anyone have any recommendations to do before kick off? Attend any pubs close to the stadium? How early should we enter Anfield? Etc etc…



here’s how my day went:

got up, had coffee and breakfast then did the Cavern tour. Grabbed a beer at lunch at a pub not far from there. then took an UBER to the stadium area which is about 15-20min ride from the city center.

I believe I got there around 3pm, went into the club store, grabbed a scarf for the match. met a couple of local loco’s at HotelTIA and watched Jamie Webster perform. their beers at the hotel were relatively affordable and a very cool atmosphere. Headed to Anfield an hour before kickoff to find seats and get settled. drank a few more in the Kop bar after the match.

wicked experience. good luck @LuisSuarez hopefully one or two or the local lads are attending that day and can give you a better idea of what to do.


Just find any number of pubs near the ground. Everywheres got a decent atmosphere on match day. Get to the ground early and wander around, see Shanks and his gates, the Hillsborough memorial (always a sombre experience).

Food wise, Home Baked ornthe take away opposite the Kop are great - the ones with queues.

Which stand are you in? If Main, its got a lovely concourse, so get in a bit earlier for a drink in there.

If you want clobber, go to the club shop after the match - carry less stuff. Unless ofcourse you wanna wear a new scarf or top.


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Just make sure it isn’t a half and half one.


There are plenty of pubs around the ground - The Albert, The Park, The Sandon, Twelth Man etc.

If I was you I’d probably get to Anfield as early as possible - walk around the stadium and you’ll see plenty of stuff you’ll want to have a look at, check out what pubs you want to have a few in, grab a chippy breakfast/lunch. You can get a taxi straight from Lime St and you’ll be there in 15 minutes.

Get into the ground early, at least 45 mins before kick off at the bare minimum. That will give you plenty of time to have walk around, take some pictures, get a beer on the concourse, watch the players warm up etc.

Enjoy it.

100% this. I got seated early and watching the warmup was so cool.


I got the hospitality package bc that was all that was left ticket wise.

Area; 228
Row: 1

Are they strict on where you sit/stand during warmups? Like could I go down lower to watch and return to our seats afterwards?

Yeah- you can do that. Just make sure you’re back in your seats when the players come out for the match itself.

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Match is at 3:00pm. Does that mean the players warm up from 2:15 - 2:30? Just trying to make sure I’m all set with times!

There’s no fixed time. Just get there for two o’clock and you won’t miss a thing.

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Let TIA know when you are there…


Just don’t tie-wrap yourselves to the goalposts during the match and disgrace the TAN forum :0)


The warm up usually finishes around 15 minutes prior to KO. Are you staying in Liverpool after the game or getting off home? :nerd_face:

Staying in Liverpool until the train takes our drunk ass back to London lol. I think it departs at 7:43pm.


I assume main stand. When you get to the ground youll need to find the correctly lettered turnstiles. It will show where you need to go on your NFT ticket.

On the ticket it says Entrance L 1-3.

If we don’t win 7-0, you are the jinx.

Mates, I need your help! Ughh I forgot to book my return train ride from Liverpool back to London is now they’re all sold out. Now I’m stressing, what are my other options to get back to London after the game?

see if you can book a return from Manchester to London, may have to cab to the train station but at least you’ll get there?

try this

Which stations in London could you get to that you know your way around (or how familiar are you with the underground)? I’ve done this exact thing before, I stayed overnight at Lord Nelson and booked the next train out the morning after but it was via Birmingham New St back to Reading…and from Reading you can go direct to Paddington, then take tube to Euston Square.

From my knowledge this is the only other train from Lime St that will take you back to London, other than the Virgin Train which goes direct to Euston.

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