20 Points in 24 Days, the TAN Fitness Drive to No. 20

OK, sorry for delay, life…

So here’s the plan, we have 24 days (starting tomorrow) to earn 20 points from the following list.

  1. One point per pound lost
  2. One point for each 1/2 K increment to your last run
  3. One point for each 30 second knocked off your best time for a regular run per run. So if you’re currently running X distance and you knock 30 seconds of it every day, count a point every day, doesn’t need to be off your last run.
  4. One point for every day you smash 10,000 steps in a day
  5. 5 points (total) for daily updates regardless of achievement
  6. 5 points for who can do the fastest 3K run on the 5th August, knowing that every pace is what we want to see from the fabulous boys in red this season.
  7. One point for an hour’s exercise.

A long walk every other day plus updates takes you to 17 points. The walks combined with a little less booze/ chocolate will easily give you 3 points for the weight loss.

Come on gang, we all need to get a little fitter, get a little less fatter and push for those precious 20 points as ultimately we’re all here for 20 titles.

If you don’t currently run, doing 500m today gives you a point. Plus that might put you past 10,000 steps so that’s double points. This really is easy folks, just needs focus and determination.

Currently, there’s me, @ILLOK @Noo_Noo @Sithbare on board.

I’ll kick off. I’m currently 15.6 stone. I ran 2 miles on Monday and it nearly killed me, no idea of time. Going to nets on Thursday which tends to start with 20 mins hard task master jogging shuttles and sprints. Will be 2 hours total so there’s my first point.

24 days, show us your progress guys and anybody / everybody is welcome.

Can I backdate? I lost 46KG during the pandemic.

Fuck me, did you lose a head???

Or rather how much did you weigh before the pandemic

I’ll be a little late in starting this as I’ve the near flood conditions to take care of.

I weigh 80kg at 5’9.5 right now.

My usual runs are a bit on the higher side w.r.t km and times so I reckon the loss of activity here will help you guys catch up

I do use a samsung smartwatch for distance tracking but while I’ve noticed that the gps distances on roads etc are accurate… They aren’t so for running on parks etc… Maybe the snap to road Google API acting up.

This is a great idea, I just wish I wasn’t so f’ing busy these days. I don’t even know where I’d have the time.

I was 136kg in Mar 20 and by the end of that year, I was 90kg. I did gain around 4kg recently after Chinese New Year. :rofl:

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Can I ask what’s your height ?

I’m not certain this will fit in my thing right now. Maybe when I decide to intermittent fast and run etc later…

But for people who decide to do that , I can say … Atleast I’ll run 4 days in a week and set a mark for myself.

So who is doing the calculation for this. I can create a Google sheet and share it across obv


Be my guest :slight_smile: I was just trusting to people doing updates.

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I think it will be best if we club this to the usual diet thread anyway…

But let me work the spreadsheet out as per your definition.

If there’s anything that a sales mgr is good for , it’s on doing a spreadsheet.

I think that I easily hit 10k steps every day (around 3 kilometers, thus a bit less than 40 minutes of walking).

I have my points already! :+1: :wink:

It becomes a little tougher when there are people further into the fitness regimes… And also the weightloss is more earlier on the regiment…

While what is suggested upthere somewhat useful , it is really not definitive.

Also not sure how you calculate your 10k steps but for me it’s def not 3km

For me… And I would really set it as a benchmark…

5km walk - 10 points
5km run - 15 points

Times - (something that will be needed to be worked on)

But a 5km run at a average speed as per me is around 28 min…

And then again…

Sorry, I messed this up.

10k steps would be roughly 6 kilometers (60cm per step). So, it’s the double of my former calculation. Roughly 72 minutes walking each day.

Disappear Homer Simpson GIF

For me and my height it’s around 6.7km for 10k.

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