2023 Cricket World Cup

Ten national teams will participate;
Afghanistan :afghanistan:,
Australia :australia:,
Bangladesh :bangladesh:,
England :england:,
India :india:,
Netherlands :netherlands:,
New Zealand :new_zealand:,
Pakistan :pakistan:,
South Africa :south_africa: and
Sri Lanka :sri_lanka:

Two-time champions and the powerhouse of the 70s, 80s, and 90s, West Indies didn’t qualify. Zimbabwe :zimbabwe:, another familiar face, will be sitting this one out too.

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I’m sure @Dutch will be excited to see how the Netherlands do.

India’s not going to win this though

Why not? They have every chance.

Nope. Choke acts

Hard to see any team beyond England winning this. They simply are a machine made for limited overs cricket

India have home advantage and are the #1 ranked team, history suggests that they should be big favourites.

England will be the biggest threat. Australia and NZ outsiders. SA are potentially dangerous but a few injuries has already dampened the mood around them.

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I don’t care too much for rankings. Pakistan were the number 1 team not too long back.

India have home advantage but I do believe they’ve got a soft underbelly which will spell their room.

My gut feel is England to win. India might reach the finals though … Or most probably the semis

It’s a shame that West Indies haven’t made the cut off though

5 out of the last 6 winners have been the #1 ranked team. It’s generally a pretty good indication of who should win the tournament.

India’s going to be the odd one out

Not sure if you understand the idea of supporting your team :thinking:

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Anyone know if the weather was expected to be poor, as that could easily play into deciding this sadly

Three abandoned games so far out of 4 doesn’t look good in a warm up.

Edit: Sorry 5

I don’t actually support India in ODI/T20 cricket. Indifferent tbh

Are you Indian? I don’t recall if you’ve said before.

Obviously it’s not for me to say how you should feel about your home nation, but if you are Indian I’d be much more boyish about your chances of winning the tournament. On paper India are an absolutely fantastic side with ridiculous depth. Like I’ve said before, I genuinely think England are the only side who should really worry you too much, and if they were to be knocked out before the final then it would be a monumental balls up by India not to win the tournament.

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Current odds to win the tournament:

Pakistan’s odds made me laugh: one day, they can look like favourites to win the whole thing; the next, they could lose to the Netherlands.

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On paper , they do have a good side. No real weaknesses either except lack of ability to bat against finger spinners (which is surprising given the history of indian sides but this Indian team (esp Kohli) cannot play spin well. I do think there’s a choke in them though. India are always one of the favs for the world cup but after 2011 , they always seem to lose matches at the crunch time.

I really don’t like ODI cricket as a format though. Part of the reason why I’m indifferent about this world cup.

Pakistan is a seriously good side , my concern is about their mental makeup. Too much effort is concentrated on their match with India. They think too much and overcomplicate the matters there and most likely lose the match. And that loss against India more often than not has a domino effect on their tournament.

I follow test cricket a lot. That and T20 internationals. ODI as a format is a dinosaur.

England have to be the favourites. Batting all the way to 9-10. Lot of people who can hit and plenty of options in bowling as well.

And also there’s no fear in their cricketing culture under maccullum.

Anyway my pics on people to watch out for this world cup for India.

Suryakumar Yadav , Shubman Gill , Kuldeep Yadav