2026 FIFA World Cup qualification

Argentina :argentina: (Alexis), Brazil :brazil: (Alisson), Colombia :colombia: (Diaz), and Uruguay :uruguay: (Chaos) will be playing two games during the September NT break. There will be two rounds of games in each of October and November too. The seventh round commences in September 2024.


Is there an international break in March as well

Usually is

Venezuela looks like a surprise package.

Qualifications for the Asia and Africa regions will start this month.


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Mo’s got 4

Trying his best to catch Hassan’s record of 68 goals for Egypt. Salah is currently on 55.


Well if that is the standard of quality they will face he should do it soonish.

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McTominay currently 3rd best goalscorer in Europe’s qualifiers.


He’s born to go to a West Ham, play more regularly and become Moyes’ new Fellaini. Maybe replace Soucek soon.


Nunez ices Uruguay’s 0-2 upset of Argentina in Buenos Aires, and Diaz nets a brace for Colombia in a 2-1 shocker over Brazil.

Was the Lebanon :lebanon: Palestine :palestinian_territories: game held behind closed door? Or, did the entitled Emirat didn’t bother to show up even for the game.

It was played in Kuwait wasn’t it? Not sure there would be huge interest from the local Kuwaiti public to watch these 2 teams.

I remember a few years ago, Australia played Palestine in Jordan, and even with Jordan having a large number of Palestinian refugee the stadium would have struggled to have hit 10% capacity

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It was in Sarjah, which is a bit off-track in UAE :united_arab_emirates:.

I agree, the host population can hardly be excited with two minnows of Asian football. But I hoped that there would be a crowd just for the sake of solidarity.

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Australia’s players are making a five-figure donation from their match fees to humanitarian efforts in Gaza, which will be matched by Football Australia.

The match was attended by 14,537 fans, with those supporting Palestine waving flags throughout and holding up posters saying “free Gaza”.

Brazil Argentina kick off delayed for 30 mins due to fights in the crowd. It was looking at one point they might not be able to play the game at all

This game is being played like it’s got 22 richarilsons. It’s barely watchable other than the panto aspect of it

Is Macca playing

He’s on the pitch but there is not much football being played

Is he safe?