2026 FIFA World Cup qualification

Joelinton is on the pitch now so maybe not

Actually Mr Linton has already been sent off :joy:

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This game is hysterical. So much talent on the pitch yet everyone is far more interested in shithousery than playing

A cool finish by Chaos :heart_eyes:


Since when did Leeds Utd play in yellow and blue?

:flushed: :exploding_head:

Can see where he’s coming from. 5 years with Argentina, 3 trophies and the biggest of them all. Still having a side with certain limitations that dictate their way of playing. Possibly very high media attention, etc. Might want a little break and/or try European club football soon.

Argentina doesn’t play until Copa America in June 2024. So the Federation has seven months. A very good window for reset.

The game was an absolutely appalling spectacle and everyone involved should be ashamed of themselves

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At this point Brazil should be banned from hosting. The police are beating the fuck out of traveling fans at every single game, and it’s not even limited to football. There were a group of Colombian girls beaten at the Taylor Swift show in Rio.

Emi attempting to jump the police was classic.

Emmerson Royal and Jo Linton - no wonder Brazil are shite.

I see that Qatar continue with their brown envelopes…


That’s the norm.

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