A hypothetical question

  • Title in 13-14 and still have Rodgers
  • Klopp

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My other half’s sister’s son… sounds like the start of a transfer rumour, but bear with me.

Anyway, he asked me a great question today: would I rather we had won the league in 2013-14 and still have Brendan in charge or am I happier that we got Klopp in the long run.

Obviously, we have to assume that Brendan would still be here (which would by no means be guaranteed) had he won the league back then but, for the purposes of this poll, let’s assume that he would be.

The main thing which almost swayed me was that had we won the league in 2014 we would not have exceeded Manchester United’s 26-year wait between top flight titles. The fact that Stevie G would have won a championship medal with us was another strong consideration, but I still came down on the side of Klopp.

What do the rest of you think?

Edit: I accidentally hit the wrong poll option and there’s no way of changing it. Just to make clear, I’d vote for Klopp.


Klopp no other option needed.


I wasn’t as vociferous a Rodgers detractor as others at that time (liked him a lot at Swansea, took a little too long to acknowledge his flaws when he came here), but even with a nuke in Luis, we probably didn’t deserve the title and I really struggle to see any hypothetical where we defend it (as I believe we will this season). Not to mention that other trophy we won with Klopp.

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I’d vote Klopp even if we’d have had to be relegated to tap his football romantic vein even harder. We’d be just one year behind where we are now.

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Klopp. The club has been transformed, root and branch. OK, Brendan’s best eleven on the pitch, all fit and firing, wasn’t too far behind Jurgen’s best eleven, all fit and firing. However…

Recruitment, harmony, ethos, all pulling together, etc.

Klopp is the best in the business and has to be the choice.

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I dont think winning the title would have actually saved Rodgers long term. I think the problems the side developed would have occurred regardless and we’d have likely ended up with Klopp in charge anyway, even if only later in that season.


Klopp all day long,Rodgers may have (hypothetically) won one title but the long term future of the club wouldn’t have moved on like it has under Klopp,Rodgers couldn’t see a good player or have the pull to entice great european or world class one’s to the club either,so the squad would always be wanting for players and never be truely finished,not that theres ever an end to building a squad,but it wouldn’t be anywhere near what we have atm.

No contest. The only advantages to winning it in 2013/14 would be that we’d only have had to wait 24 years rather than 30 years to win the title again, we’d have won it at Anfield in front of our own fans and we wouldn’t have had to listen to the Demba Ba song every game for the last 6 years. It would have been a glorious moment, but just that, a moment.

Klopp’s building a dynasty. We wouldn’t be the best team in the world with the world’s best players queuing up to join us and we wouldn’t have had the last 5 years. Easily the most fun I’ve had as a Liverpool supporter since I was a kid.


Sorry Stevie G, only one answer to this thread. If there is no Klopp, then there is no way the transfers worked out for us like they have. BR was a bit of a control freak in that regard.

If Liverpool won the title in 2013-14 it would have placed Brendan Rodgers in the same category as Claudio Ranieri. It would not have been fluke since you just don’t win a league title by chance. That would have been the high point for either of them.

They are both capable of pulling off a rabbit when pieces are falling into places. Klopp, on the other hand, is person who makes things happen. He places the pieces in the places and if necessary shapes them.

The near misses under GH or RB would have been more fateful if we won those titles. Because unlike Rodgers or Ranieri, I think Gerrard and Benitez were capable of building on those successes.


I’m going to suggest that had we won in 13/14 and BR still be in charge 6 years later,then we’d have to think he’s won more than just that 1 year otherwise he’d have been on his way out the door a long time ago.So because i think he’d have to have won more than just the 1 title ,possibly could have won a few then i have to pick him.

I’d also like to add that i didn’t like Rodgers as he wasn’t outstanding enough for me,so as soon as he stopped winning i’d have brought in Klopp cos he is.

I’ve gone for Klopp, though if what followed, went the same way then Rodgers would probably have gone soon after the time he did, he might potentially have got til the end of the season.

Though I think the club were always keen on Klopp and I feel the decision to remove Rodgers probably came about due to some positive overtures from Klopp’s agent or management.

I don’t buy the first time they approach Klopp was the hour after they sacked Rodgers, they knew Klopp was interested so they moved. They can be ruthless when needed and I think Rodgers had pushed them.

If the question was have the title in 13/14 and still have Rodgers or have Klopp, it’s Klopp, maybe I’d have thought differently had we not won it but it’s won now with the addition of number 6 and we are in a good place.


Klopp. Hypothetically we could have gone years again not winning anything with Rodgers and that one success would have made us very difficult to part ways with him. Everyone involved is so nicely synced AND we have won the PL and CL, the latter would have been difficult with BR.

Maybe if Stevie is asked the question, think even he would go with Klopp.

Amazed this is even a question. The correct answer to any question for which Klopp is one of the responses, is always Klopp :joy:


There is no Dana, only Zuul.

Not the sack race poll :stuck_out_tongue:


I’ll give you that one :smile:

I think Rodgers time was always going to come to an end sooner rather than later given his inability to actually build a team. His reluctance to work with th club structure at that time did him no favours either.

Klopp all day long give what he has done to the club from top to bottom. Despite promises Rodgers didn’t do any of that.

klopp without a doubt. if rodgers had somehow managed to win the league he would have got another couple of years in charge which would have killed us.

Nonsense! Rodgers, of course. Can’t you imagine what playing for Premier League champions would have done for Mario Balotelli? Why, buoyed by this he would easily have poured in thirty, especially given his fruitful partnership with Rickie Lambert (picture Rickie doing the robot after scoring his fifteenth PL goal of the season). Of course, that kind of production can’t exist without the blazing wingplay of young phenom Lazar Markovic or the Messi-like searching dribbles of Adam Lallana, all of this supported by the impenetrable defensive foundation honed in Croatia.

Oh, if Stevie just hadn’t slipped, it would have all been different.