ADRIÁN San Miguel del Castillo: 2020/21

First Name: Adrián
Surname: San Miguel del Castillo
Squad Number: 13
Position: Goalkeeper
Height: 1.90m
Weight: 80kg
D.O.B.: 03.01.1987.
Town of Birth: Sevilla
Country of Birth: Spain
Nationality: Spanish

Aw last to be talked about. Wonder if him or Karius will be our number 2 next year. Think there is a chance we go with Karius if there are offers for Adrian and none for Karius.

I don’t think Karius has any future here at all,too many fans hate him(sadly) plus he isn’t good enough.
Adriàn is a good backup as proved last season.

They’ve both single handedly lost us/got us knocked out the Champions League with multiple errors in a single game.

Would be nice if we can sort it out next summer.


At the risk of sounding like a broken record, Adrián did not cost us the Atletico game. If our outfield players had taken just one more of their eight billion chances, the game would not have gone to extra time.


He did though. The outfield players put us in a winning position.

Regardless, he was awful whichever way you want to cut it.

In all fairness you can’t know that us scoring more wouldn’t have forced them into more attacks, more “all or nothing” style desperate play. They may have scored more!

Nobody actually knows anything. We just draw conclusions based on the prevailing evidence at any given time.*

  • unless you’re the government, in which case you just guess.

Originally posted in Thiago’s welcome thread (since removed), but it is more fitting as Adrian talked about the new recruits and the League Cup match.


That second goal didn’t do him many favours. For such an experienced keeper he does have a good amount of schoolboy errors in him.

While I have no problem with him staying, I would like to see one of the young goalkeepers playing in these low risk games.

So if Alli gets injured you expect Adrian to deputise, completely cold, having played no games, the mind boggles sometimes.


Err…yeah. Do you imagine he’s not playing any football at all right now, or something? Do you think Salah, Minamino, Mane, Firmino, Jota, Shaqiri, Elliott, Origi, Keita etc don’t put him through his paces in training? You don’t think they help to keep him sharp?


That’s what a back up keeper does.

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It’s useful, but I don’t think it replicates match day experience.

If I thought we were using Kelleher as back up over Adrian, then I’d be in favour of playing him in the cup.

However, I think Adrian is still the player we’d turn to in the absence of Alisson, so he should start.

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I don’t think that is currently as much of an issue as it would normally be. There is no crowd pressure for a young keeper to have to deal with but there is the pressure of helping the first team progress through a competition. For me, that’s almost ideal circumstances in which to give a young goalkeeper their first tastes of senior competitive football.

We don’t need someone with the experience of dealing with the normal match day experience because there is no such thing at the moment.

Another factor, of course, is your second paragraph. Kelleher’s not going to get the opportunity to prove that he should be the preferred back up to Alisson if he’s not played in these sorts of fixtures. Personally, looking at Adrian’s performances for us, you’d like to think that one of our younger keepers is good enough to challenge him for that spot. Kelleher will be 22 next month, if not now, when?


If you think playing in training is the same as match day and the pressure of the cameras and potentially making a mistake that cost your team the game, then I cant change your minds

No, I don’t. I explicitly mentioned that, given how someone like Kelleher would benefit from getting a taste of that experience.

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Good job we have Adrian then :wink:


Some people have short memories.

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