ADRIÁN San Miguel del Castillo: 2020/21

Nope I support our players and even VVD has a couple of howlers in him

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Ah, I see. So we can’t critique players on a football forum? Can’t voice our opinions that they’re not good enough? Aren’t you effectively saying you don’t trust Kelleher or any of our other keepers apart from Adrian to come in as back-up and perform in a 4th round league cup tie played in front of no supporters?

Quote where I have said any of that and I may consider a more in depth response

I’d rather see Adrian than Kelleher personally. As much as I think we should improve on Adrian his cup performances this and last season were a lot better than Kelleher’s against Arsenal and Villa. Kelleher looks to have improved since then but it’s tough to gauge by how much.

If Jaros or the new Brazilian look good enough to be a backup at some point I wouldn’t mind them getting game time but Kelleher doesn’t have a realistic chance of being here long term IMO.

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To be honest, he is second choice, not sure why Alison was a doubt for last Monday but I wonder if it might have been related to Thiago in some way. I personally don’t see any team who has a better back up. Spurs had Gazzanigga but he would do the sublime and the silliness and now they’ve signed Joe Hart for no reason and he is just shite.

Martinez was at Arsenal but then he had to be sold because he proved he was too good as a back up keeper. Man Utd have De Gea and Henderson but that’s a fluke through their youth system and De Gea is nowhere close to Becker anymore and Henderson is only staying because there is a chance he may break through.

Chelsea well who knows and Man City have Bravo who quite frankly can be good but won’t be getting to anything quick and in the corners.

As a back up keeper Adrian is fine.

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Quote where I have said this and we can have a conversation in good faith.

Still waiting for a quote, if you think that is a quote regarding Kelleher lol

It was implied from your comment that you “supported our players” as if me criticising Adrian or preferring that Kelleher be given the chance in League Cup games was something off limits.

Still waiting for you to quote where I said that “playing in training is the same as match day and the pressure of the cameras and potentially making a mistake that cost your team the game”. Where have I said that? Where has anyone said that? :roll_eyes:

I can never remember anything i’ve said beyond last week,must be a woman thing.

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All my comments were in regards to why Adrian should play these matches and not against any other player. He is our reserve keeper and if Alli is injured he has to step up and be ready to play and training games, as I have said, is nowhere near the same as playing in a serious competition. As a coach, you 1st and foremost give playing time to players that will provide cover if one of our starters are injured, which is Jurgen’s philosophy as well.

I never forget to buy weed so it can’t be that.


I’d take a concussed Karius over this fella.

Absolutely shit. What an embarrassment.


Man, Lovren with gloves, set the tone with the early fuck up, then it all went to shits.

Seriously I hope Alisson is not out for long, I have very little faith in Adrian.

I take back what I said, he isn’t good enough as back up.

I’d put Rocky Balboa in goal.

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He started his Liverpool career really well but has now fully reverted to the keeper I remember from West Ham. Good shot stopper and very good one on one but error-ridden and is ludicrously over-confident with the ball at his feet. Like Mignolet and Karius before him he just needs to be told to fucking launch it.


Usually, Adrian is at his worst in the minutes right after he pulls off a spectacular save. Time and again last season in his opening games “good spell”, he would pull a blinder, then make a hash of it. But we were such in form that his mistakes, if not lead directly to goal, we would snuff out.

But in today’s game against the Villa, he gifted the opening goal without any heroics preceding it.

Then there were other mistakes not leading directly to goals. Anyone have the gif of the hitting crossbar chance? I recall while watching that, Adrian literally “abandons his post” and goes for a walkabout leaving the Villa player free in front of goal.

Where was he going with the effort that hit the bar? Looked like he was running off to take a corner.

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I also admit to being wrong about him. He was decent for large spells last season but gradually proved to have an error waiting in him. I’m not even mad about the goal itself, I’m more worried about the moment when Watkins hit the post - I can’t believe that someone who’s played football for more than ten years would react that way to that cross. Like when you play PES or FIFA and the controller button gets stuck, so the player continues running in one direction and not doing anything else… The league’s only four games in and I’m already scared out of my mind, and he’s not even the main reason why.


Terrible pass, though I also didn’t like Robbo’s pass to him. What the hell was that, also. Still, my main problem last night was our last line, it was terrible. We just dropped back and only managed to catch them offside twice I think. But yeah, seems like he will have to play for a few more weeks. He did have a solid spell last year when he had to play more than expected. But after a few more mistakes in the mean time, not sure if the confidence is the same. Quality was always suspicious I’m afraid. I know you can’t expect miracles from your 2nd choice, but there are layers. With this one, there was always going to be genuine questions over his quality even for that role.