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I think this stuff needs to be a majority decision nothing more.

Anyhow as I said it might at least hurt that league.

Surely this is a vote that needs to be taken every 12months is it not…
Relegated teams and newly promoted teams may have a different set of values…


BTW… It was 8 clubs voted against the ban, not 7. Burnley was the other

Knew it.
Puzzling why so many clubs voyed against the ban though.

:moneybag: :moneybag: :moneybag:

All those clubs are under multi-club ownership so it’s not a surprise.

Sweeting’s post here Premier League 2023/24 - #4622 by Sweeting

actually made most of that fairly clear. Add in Sheffield United’s Saudi ownership, and the only one left to puzzle about was Burnley.

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Everton voted against the ban. I wonder what’s in it for them?

777 - the entity in the midst of purchasing them - owns Genoa, Standard Liege, Vasco de Gama and Hertha Berlin and are currently negotiating to buy Sevilla

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Thanks, that would explain it.

Everton moaning and crying about the unjust of the PL and then voting in favour of multi ownership deals, and they wonder why we call them bitter.

Never thought I’d say this but after yesterday, I now hope Utd smash them on Sunday and I hope Sheffield Utd finish a point above them in 17th due to them signing a player in Jan from Olimpiakos or whatever club they’re affiliated with who then goes on to win them the game on the last day.

Would be fitting. Truly pathetic club.


Votes should be done out of season,
When we know who will be in the league at the start of the next season.

Sheff utd, and hopefully everton and man city might not even be in the epl next season, this is 3 clubs who voted against the ban


Burnley wants a word…right now all 3 clubs in the relegation zone are votes against the ban, though I expect Everton to be out as soon as this weekend

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Burnley = Kompany :eggplant: pep :hearts: city.

I doubt that is a factor, ownership would not do their bidding, and I suspect Kompany is his own man as well. Certainly on good terms with City, but not under their thumb. I think it is more likely that ALK/Velocity have aspirations to follow a similar multi-team/league model.

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Don’t ruin my analysis, and be less trusting and more cynical.

Just following the money…

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I find it surprising that something like this had to go to a vote.

The Premier League is effectively owned by the member clubs. While the rules of the games are governed by IFAB, how the league itself operates is dictated by itself. So how else are they going to come to a common understanding of what those rules of the competition are other than themselves voting on them?

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Burnley are reportedly seeking a “talent-share” agreement with Dundee. Although this is different than direct ownership at the moment perhaps they have concerns about how affiliations are accounted for.

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