First Name: Alex
Surname: Oxlade-Chamberlain
Squad Number: 15
Position: Midfielder
Height: 1.75m
Weight: 70kg
D.O.B.: 15.08.1993.
Town of Birth: Portsmouth
Country of Birth: England
Nationality: English

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You got me worried @Nikola . I was wondering where the hell are all the posts in few mins, have something happened to TAN, my laptop. :crazy_face:

Anyway, I have two issues with the new contract:

  1. TAA was contracted till 2024, could we not wait till next summer for the extension?
  2. TAA has signed a four-year contract, just one extra year over the last contract.

Was wondering the same about the site lftikhar… By the way, why you discussing TAA in the AOC topic…? Just askin is all

Oh crap, thanks mate

You are forgiven… get some coffee down ya :rofl:

Ox be like… Why’re you asking me?

Premier League Reaction GIF by Liverpool FC

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Last year was a recovery year, looking forward to him hitting the form of 18/19. I like the positivity he bring to the team when we need to attack.

17/18 not 18/19

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Commentators today having the same issue @Iftikhar :stuck_out_tongue:

…and it concerns Ox because… :blush:

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If the first game of the season is something to go by, he’s in for a rather bleak time… Even without injuries, I’m really not sure how Klopp can coax consistently good performances out of AOC anymore. He’s a fish out of water in every role he plays - and he got to play his preferred one yesterday. It’s not easy to find a nicer guy among PL footballers, which makes it an even bigger shame.

That’s the issue when you constantly move players around they never master any one position.
I like the guy but he should be moved on.

It just seems Oxlade is a yard off everything fitting into place. He looks great in preseason where he gets time to take shots… in the Premiership he just doesn’t have the time.

I don’t think he did. He was more or less in Gini’s old role from what I saw, did far more hassling than Keita, helped James out deep yet pushed forward when possible. He was often very deep alongside Millie or replacing Millie when Millie went forward. I think he was a lot better than some are making out.
It lent to a solid midfield that controlled the game, I think Klopp will be pleased with the performances of all 3 of them. AOC will get his chances to shine later in the season when he comes on as a sub.

Defensively we were cut open multiple times, that’s was mainly due to the midfield not covering the spaces well or protecting the fullbacks going forward.

Huge difference when Fabinho came on. We looked in total control from that point.

I get the impression…
that mentally he is off the pace, which relays a delayed message to his body to act.!
Shame really if he can’t grasp the opportunity at LFC that he has got

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We changed our tactics when Fabs came on. It was good to see. Much better imo.

It’s the first game of the season. :roll_eyes:

Most of the players need to do some catching up. Some, just a bit, some, a tad more.

I would defer all appraisals till end of September. We had a satisfactory performance and result last night, let’s just enjoy that.


That really isn’t the spirit, is it?
I mean I had AOC scoring our 1st goal and he wasn’t even close. :cry: