Alexis Mac Allister (CM) Brighton & Hove Albion

The problem with Bajcetic is that he was clearly struggling after 60-70 minutes in most games he played, they were right at the edge of his physical limit.

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I’m not necessarily saying I believe it. I think there is a possibility.

Also, doesn’t that conveniently support the point anyway? The Qatari owners don’t care which one of them won the final, just that no matter what they win, right? The two crown jewels of their pathetic fiction…

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This :point_up:

We spend £50m-£60m on Mac Allister and we’re getting no more than two midfielders this summer, including him.

Only two ways I see that changing. One is if an established name goes, namely one of Fabinho, Thiago, and Henderson and in that order of likelihood I reckon. The other is if we don’t get a new defender and instead go all in on midfield and even then i’d expect the third to be in a much lower price bracket, perhaps even a bit of a punt like Kamada on a bosman.

We’ve always said we had the numbers just not the number of ones who could stay fit. Replacing Keita and Ox with Mac Allister and another of a similar level to him would be a massive step forward itself. Add in Bajetic and we’ve got pretty much three new options, all of who you’d hope would be available more often than two of the three midfielders leaving this summer (im not even counting Arthur given he’s not been involved).

Henderson, Fabinho, Thiago, Jones, Elliott, Bajetic, Mac Allister and a second summer signing is what I’d expect. Maybe Morton sticks about for the season as an emergency but I don’t see him competing for a place. A Nat Phillips for the midfield type at best. If we get a third then one of the older ones is gone, Morton is gone (sold, loan if not) and the younger lads have a real fight on their hands for game time outside of the domestic cups.

Next summer Thiago is out of contract and Fabinho will have two years to run on his deal so it’s the last chance to really cash out on him. If we do two this summer, I think we get two more next summer. Do three this summer and I think it’ll be one next summer with a defender to replace Matip the other major need as his contract will be up.

I honestly don’t think we’ll see huge numbers come in this summer. Probably three genuine first team types, four at a big push and then whatever we might need to do to address backup keepers on top.

If we sign two midfielders it will still help enormously. Trent’s new role, Curtis coming back and kicking on, and the emergence of Bajcetic, leave us with some very good young options. Not to mention Harvey Elliot, who played a lot of football last season and as such, his star slightly waned as it was in a struggling side, but the minutes and experience will have been invaluable for his development.

So, Trent, Curtis, Bajcetic, Elliot, plus MacAllister and another one who is ready to go, plus whatever remains of the old guard, and we are fine in the engine room. The other signing to my mind should be an athlete. A good player, obviously, but someone who will make sure we don’t get overrun.

With Peo making a beeline for MacAllister and hugging him, after they played City, I will be glad when MacAllister is confirmed.

Ah so you do like a conspiracy theory. :wink:


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Translated from above tweet:

Alexis Mac Allister’s arrival in Liverpool comes at a key moment: everything is well advanced and next week his father and agent will travel to England. The contractual offer is up to 2028 and it remains to finish accelerating and close the exit with Brighton.

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Typical cheapskate FSG pinching pennies. Our rivals are giving out 8 year contracts and we can only afford 5? #FSGout

Chelsea? Rivals? Ha.ón_edul_anfield_awaits_him/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=android_app&utm_name=androidcss&utm_term=1&utm_content=share_buttonán_garcía_grova_mac_allister_together_with/?utm_source=share&utm_medium=android_app&utm_name=androidcss&utm_term=1&utm_content=share_button

The Argentian press seem to be well ahead on this one if it comes to pass.

Tbf for most of our recent transfers the foreign press has been ahead. Portuguese reported things first with Colombian/Uruguayan for Darwin and Diaz. First noise of anything about Gakpo was Dutch. Tsimikas was first reported by the Greeks.

Seems as though the English press have largely been cut off from transfers since VVD, and any noise we get is leaked by the other team.


Anyhow come on John?

Come On Time GIF by Liverpool FC

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Where’s the Charity Shield money, John?


It’s all about the Standard Chartered cup this season.

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