Alisson BECKER: 2021/22

First Name: Alisson
Surname: Becker
Squad Number: 1
Position: Goalkeeper
Height: 1.91m
Weight: 91kg
D.O.B.: 02.10.1992.
Town of Birth: Novo Hamburgo
Country of Birth: Brazil
Nationality: Brazilian

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Does he really have to mention Coutinho every time.


Another one!


Untill 2027 :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

I’m happy, don’t know about Natália though. :innocent:

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Will be on the verge of 35 when it ends.

Let’s see how well he gets old(er).


Fantastic what looked like a triple-save there at the end. I wasn’t surprised that Norwich got in behind us, we will need some more time to get our line and offside traps back working, but I was happy at the end to see the whole team wanting to keep a clean sheet. Let’s build on this and improve with every next game.


Best in the world of the type of keeper we need.

Fantastic triple save, deserved his clean sheet after having not much else to do.

Hope it doesn’t happen

Especially to sit on the bench, hopefully some agreement is made.

It wasn’t actually a triple save, as such. Actually, it even better than that. Brilliant saves for the 1st and 2nd intervention and the 3rd is actually an example of incredible clarity of thought to deliberately push it to Alexander Arnold (?) so he can either clear or get the counter going and to me I am very much of the opinion it’s the latter. When that sort of attitude is coming from your keeper then the rest of the league better watch out.

He also had a brilliant game and snaffled anything that came close to him. In the first half Norwich had a bit of a head of steam and got a few balls in consequtively without us being able to clear, the crowd was roaring away and he came out for the next one and caught it as calmly as you like and caught it and stopped them dead in their tracks. That kind of thing is so underrated as a panicky keeper who is getting lost in the moment is palming that away and inviting more pressure. He’s looking up for it again.


Yeah, that third one was great, so cool, collected, no rush pushing it to AA.

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Panic driven clarity! :rofl:

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Have to say the first save is the type you get such an rush off. I’ve done it a few times and it never looks poor and it’s often those remembered as it’s such sharp reactions.

Considering he hadn’t done anything all game it bodes well.

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This is what impresses me the most about our No. 1, he catches crosses rather than punching, same with shots, his positioning and confidence allows him on many occurences to catch the ball rather than parry it. Watched Loris against Shitty and a shot came in and he parried it awat, for me Ali would have caught it, because he is the best.