Andy ROBERTSON: 2023/24

First Name: Andrew
Surname: Robertson
Squad Number: 26
Position: Defender
Height: 1.78m
Weight: 64 kg
D.O.B.: 11.03.1994.
Town of Birth: Glasgow
Country of Birth: Scotland
Nationality: Scottish

The Menace. 267 games, 22805 mins, eight goals, 63 assists.

Andy Robertson meeting Gravenberch: “Finally a good Dutch player.”

So it was Andy Robertson who scouted him :wink:



Created a goal for Scotland and scored a goal for Liverpool from the inside right half space in consecutive games.

Salah’s backup, if not replacement next summer!

What a guy.

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Only bonus is Tsimikas does seem to play better with a run of games, not idea but the fixtures are a bit kinder bar Robbo would be a big player in the derby.

He’s going to come back weighing twenty stone.


Eeek not sure what’s worse, the shoulder or the Greggs.

Anyhow it’s 2-3 months for the normal person in the street. I reckon we don’t see him this year.

Hope everyone else got through ok.

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How much is that in KG!

Google it!!!


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Haha @cynicaloldgit

That injury was probably the only way he was getting a rest from games. I’m not sure about the exact stats but I wouldn’t be surprised if he and Salah were topping the most minutes played charts for both club and country (when it comes to Liverpool players). To add insult to injury, even the untested Luke Chambers is also out with injury, meaning that left back will likely become a problematic position for us over the course of the next three months. Oh, well, here we go again.

I missed that, have a source for that?

It’s in this article but it’s behind the paywall: