Animated TV Shows / Animes (Retro)

Let’s share some childhood memories with your favorite shows.

I’ve spent so much time in front of the TV throughout the 90s mainly watching (action) kids shows from the 80s and 90s.

Going to start with

Not even sure I’ve liked the series very much but the opening theme for Galaxy Rangers is easily Top 5.


Excellent idea for a thread! :+1:

Here’s my childhood favourite:


I found a depository of the original Transformers TV show from the mid 80’s but cannot remember the name right now.

gotta be Looney Tunes / Tom & Jerry and the wonderful world of Disney for me…


Several of the earliest that I remember:

Babel II

Galaxy Express 999

Space Pirate Captain Harlock

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Mazinger Z (If I remember correctly, I think I mostly remember the female mech… the breasts of the mech are missles. :rofl: )

Then we had Araiguma Rascal: My sister and I thought that racoon was adorable from the anime when we were kids…until we have them in our neighbourhood here in Canada when we are adults.
You will also find on Youtube on " The Anime That Caused Japan’s Raccoon Infestation". This is it.

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Proof that you are really old.

Glad for you that colors were already invented in the 1780’s.

Now this one brought back fond memories: My sister and I used to place a tape recorder to record the anime song from this show…However, we messed up the ending of the song, so we finished the yodeling ourselves. :rofl:

Heidi, Girl of the Alps

The greatest theme tune of all time:


Fuck you people.

A couple of weekends ago I got home after having a few drinks and ended up watching youtube videos of 80/90s cartoon theme songs. They have since been stuck in my head, like a parastie burrowing, and it’s totally wrecked my sleep. Everytime I think Im about to drop off my brain screams “Ulysseeaeaseas, no one else can do the things you doooo.”

I was just getting over it this week and now you’ve brought it all back. So…

And this one as well

I dont remember either show being a particular favourite of mine as a kid, but the theme songs are bangers. And now may none of you sleep soundly for a month


’LOTHAR’ :joy:

Great show. Great opening theme.

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The one positive is ever since, every time my girlfriend calls for me I sing back in reply “his strength is a legend, his skills conquer all.” She’s even less happy about this situation than I am


Some stuff I was always hoping for a reboot or something

(Great Music also)

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Yes! Loved Silverhawks!

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Never liked He-Man but Bravestarr was cool.


Talk about blasts from the past,i remember most of these cartoons as a kid, here’s another 2 i used to watch.


I rather fancied cheetara :sweat_smile:

Hong Kong phooey was hilarious!! Pulling out his book of kung Fu from his sleeve :rofl::rofl:

Battle of the planets was awesome! Never missed it!


Used to have Miles Mayhem (what a name!) and Switchblade toy even though he was a bad guy, coz Switchblade was so cool!