Arne Slot - Head Coach

News on the new coaches Arne said last week were close to announcing…

Matos’ replacement has been named as Aaron Briggs, a guy who spent most of his career working in the City youth teams, but has more recently had some experience in senior football with various assistant/analyst roles for Niko Kovac at Monaco and Wolfsburg

The other appears to be former Everton player, Johnny Heitinga, whose camp seems to have leaked to discussions. He is supposedly being slated as a first team coach, having recently had that role for Moyes at West Ham who he played for at Everton.


Ex-City and a former Bitter? All we need now is someone who used to be with United to complete the set.

Slot out!!!


Does he come with login details?


We’ve got Harvey Blair in the U21 squad, does that count?

Heitinga was also interim manager for Ajax after Schreuder was fired in '23. Seemed to do alright.

Only if he joins the coaching staff. :+1:

Gary Neville is joining the PR department apparently. He’s dedicated to promoting the LFC brand worldwide.

Feels like the same questions all over again

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Welcome to Liverpool Arne.

In the last twenty four hours our star striker has been involved in a mass brawl and the club captain has hinted that he’s considering his future.

Better get used to it :wink:


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This won’t help Nunez


Do they stack? Something like 8 by 4…

Finally found time to hear the first press conference. One thing I’ve liked about what I’ve heard from Slot so far is that he’s entirely fixated on what’s happening on the pitch. On the players, on their fitness and energy, on getting the best out of them. He talks 100% football, nothing else.

So far, he has avoided falling into the romance trap others fell in before (this is the greatest club of the world, the fans are so wonderful etc.). For Slot, there were professional, pragmatic, rational reasons for him to come to LFC, of which mostly are football related (strong squad, similar playing style, capacity to keep our best players at the club from one season to the next) and that’s why he’s here now. He seems very clear about his intents and manages to communicate in a clear and straightforward way. Of course, it’s only the first step. The walk must still be walked. But it’s a good beginning imo, and the players will probably buy into his approach of things.

Although he hasn’t Klopp’s monumental charisma (who has?), he seems to have quite a bit of a good sense of humour about him, and he handled the first press conference well enough. English journos won’t intimidate him, and he’ll probably avoid most of their their usual dumb traps, also due to his excellent English. That intelligence should be a help for himself and the club. And if Hughes can help to occasionally take the heat off him when needed, we should be fine.

All in all an encouraging start. Hopefully he can build on it, fingers crossed!