Asian Cup and Football in Asia

January 12 to February 10

Group A: Qatar, China, Tajikistan, and Lebanon
Group B: Australia, Uzbekistan, Syria, and India
Group C: Iran, UAE, Hong Kong, and Palestine
Group D: Japan, Indonesia, Iraq, and Vietnam
Group E: Korea, Malaysia, Jordan, and Bahrain
Group F: Saudi Arabia, Thailand, Kyrgyzstan, and Oman

Rooting for Japan :jp: and Palestine :palestinian_territories:

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I only care about Endo and that he will returned in good health and not overplayed.

Fuck internationals.


I hope Japan lose all three games and Endo avoids injury.


The most important element of this - but expect he will play every minute of the tournament seeing as he’s the captain - hopefully they win their first two group games and he can get a bit of a rest before the knock outs.

Japan and South Korea are probably the two strongest sides. Although I’d rather Endo home early, if Japan make it as far as the Semi’s I’d rather see them go on and win it from there.

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Looking forward to see India finish dead last in their group


Funny how Israel is un UEFA despite being in Asia

So they don’t have to play Iran, Palestine etc

Hong Kong? Is that a country now?

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Territory; same as Macao, Taiwan, Guam etc.

Russia, Kazakhstan, Australia


Kazakhstan and Russia (most part of it) is geographically in Asia but they are part of UEFA. Australia is geographically in Oceania but they are part of AFC.

BTW, Israel was part of AFC till the 1973 war.

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Turkey is also part in Asia/Europe.

I think at this point it’s just who they choose to go with, Australia went with Asia for more competition and more chance of getting to world cups.


Kazakhstan is an outlier for sure. We could also have added Turkey to that by that regard then

Russia , despite most part of the country being in Asia , the main percentage of population still resides in europe

Oceania and AFC merged a while back.

Israel is an outlier again because the countries surrounding it all count themselves as Asian countries , I suspect this might be to do with the fact that they’d have to play against countries like Iran etc (geopolitical reasons) or ethnic reasons(Israelis might culturally regard themselves as more European)

It’s always had a seperate football association. By virtue of it being a UK protectorate not so long back.

Similar with the other countries that make up UK I suppose.

Israel and Russia should be kicked out


Qatar leading Lebanon 1-0 at HT

Australia vs India tomorrow.

Another test match? :wink:

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Australia leading 1-0

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Endo to Minamino - nice goal!!