Asian Cup and Football in Asia

It’s either Mr. or san, but not both. As I’m much older than him I can call him Wa-kun, but you probably can’t.


My money’s on Iran.

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Let Korea go to the final. The longer Son is away, the better.

So he did

I see, interesting stuff. So does the Wa-kun replace the whole Wataru Endo-san then? How much older would you need to be?

As I always knew he would :wink:

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Endo’s coming home

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Iran and Japan are the best of the lot. But as you have mentioned, the overly aggressive approach may prove the downfall of Iran. Also, they are likely to face Qatar in the semifinal.

I believe -kun is a diminutive way to address someone, so sort of like in a social context where someone is junior to you?

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Yeah the Sore Loser Bill (2022) (Cth) bars footage showing an Aussie side losing. As far as we know, Australia still hasn’t played all it’s pool games in last year’s rugby world cup and somehow missed the first two games of the cricket world cup. I believe their Asian cup QF has also been postponed. Hmm…

Jordan vs Korea
Iran vs Qatar

Iran v Korea will be interesting.

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Who gives a … Endo is on his way back.

So desu.
Sorry. That right. I’m assuming that @The-AllMightyReds is younger than Endo so it would be really inappropriate for him to use with Endo. It is a way of asserting that you think you’re somebody’s superior, so if you’re not saying it to a child then you should be careful about who you say it to.

Thanks legal-alien-kun. :wink::rofl:

Jordan 2 Korea 0 :flushed: :exploding_head:

I can see Qatar winning tomorrow, didn’t they win the last one?

I don’t think any of those you’d have expected to do well have played well.

Well done Nostradamus :clap:

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Well done Qatar :clap: :partying_face:. We are used to a higher level of football, but I think Jordan, Syria, Iraq, Iran, and Japan played really well.