Atalanta vs Liverpool , 2nd Leg , Europa League , 18th April , Prematch Thread

At 0-3 down , it seemingly is a bit far fetched to say that Liverpool can come back into this.

But nothing’s over until it actually is. We’ve had better European nights before against better opposition and this Atalanta team isn’t special even if Liverpool are playing dire football (from the second half of the manures match).


Ultimately you can put out these “we will do our very best” and “we will see a reaction” pieces all you want but all that matters is what you do on the pitch.

The last two games have been awful, a win here might generate some optimism even if we miss out on the tie but like all these games you get the first and see what happens.



umph that’ll be a tough loss to take (5-0)

Those starting lineup yesterday bar for Alisson, Robertson and VVD does not merit a start at Atalanta or the next PL match.

Starting Line up:

GK: Alisson
CB: Quansah
LB: Robertson
DM: Bajectic
LCM: Gravenburch
RCM : Szoboszlai
RW : Elliott
ST: Jota
LW: Gakpo

The rest can watch on at the bench.


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More likely to win this competition than the PL now.

Need just one last Klopp miracle.

TAA Konate VvD Robertson
MacAllister Endo Gakpo
Salah Jota Diaz

Allison over Kellner? In fairness, it would probably suit us to get Allison more match time.

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Magical thinking time: I have just cancelled my RTL+ subscription so that, if we were to progress, I would have to uncancel it.

Hoping that helps alongside my lucky underpants.


6 matches left in the epl, it’s the business end of the season, we are still in it!


It’d be nice if we could keep it tight and score first for once. Take it from there and see what happens.

The tie is almost certainly lost but even a token win would help with regard to the league.


The miracle of Bergamo.:crossed_fingers:


I would take being 2-0 up on the night at the 60min mark… Fingernails gnawed off during the last 30mins - it is a sacrifice I’m willing to make though :0)

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I will accept whatever the result is, provided, our lads show real grit.


This isn’t working anymore you know.

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Struggling to care for this, that’ll likely change the closer we get. Hopefully they can pick up a few niggles tonight.

In a way the 1 good thing with being 3 down is the boys know what needs to be done…& that there’s only 1 way we can approach this.

So Klopp and co should just make them all watch the Barca 4-0 on over and over again.

I just don’t see a way back on this one. zero expectations for the rest of the season

No reason to not give this a lash.

Fuck it, go for their throats from the off.

Mo needs to sit this one out. bring him in on 60-70 if we need someone to run into blind corners.