Athletics - track and field

Wow. 18 years old. Wow.


Sounds fast - especially as sprinters aren’t near their peak until mid 20s. Is he also fast over 100m or more of a 200/400 guy?

Just watched the ‘Mo Farah’ documentary. It’s a very moving story, tragic in what it shows about the treatment of children and obviously inspirational in that he rose so high. I hope it cases people to think harder about the topic of migration although it’s likely that most will go back to their simplified view.
Coincidentally Andrew Flintoff’s cricket team now includes a young Afghan refugee who arrived illegally. Let’s see what happens to him. How successful a sportsperson do you have to be in order to be allowed to stay?

Rule by the mob/public interest?

Anyone following the European Championships?

Our girl Gina Lückenkemper has just won the 100m final