Ballon d'Or and other individual awards

Men’s shortlist

Riyad Mahrez: Algeria/City

Lautaro Martinez: Argentina/Inter
Lionel Messi: Argentina/PSG

Kevin De Bruyne: Belgium/City
Romelu Lukaku: Belgium/Chelsea

Neymar: Brazil/PSG

Luka Modric: Croatia/Madrid

Simon Kjaer: Denmark/Milan

Mohamed Salah: Egypt/Liverpool

Phil Foden: England/City
Harry Kane: England/Spurs
Mason Mount: England/Cheslea
Raheem Sterling: England/City

Karim Benzema: France/Madrid
N’Golo Kante: France/Chelsea
Kylian Mbappe: France/PSG

Nicolo Barella: Italy/Inter
Leonardo Bonucci: Italy/Juventus
Giorgio Chiellini: Italy/Juventus
Gianluigi Donnarumma: Italy/PSG
Jorginho: Italy/Chelsea

Erling Haaland: Norway/Dortmund

Robert Lewandowski: Poland/Bayern

Rúben Dias: Portugal/City
Bruno Fernandes: Portugal/United
Cristiano Ronaldo: Portugal/United

Cesar Azpilicueta: Spain/Chelsea
Gerard Moreno: Spain/Villarreal
Pedri: Spain/Barcelona

Luis Suarez: Uruguay/Atletico

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He will be this years winner.

Lewandowski deserved to win it last year, probably does this year as well.


Some really undeserving names on that list, geez.



You are being generous.

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A farce, like it has always been. The entire thing.

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I’m going go out on a limb and say they’ll give it Messi. Failing that, Ronaldo. I know, crazy talk.


Lewandowski by a mile and while they are at it give him last years as well.

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Yeah, but Messi walked out on a football pitch this year and kicked a ball about, so he’ll be tough to beat.


So, just to confirm, Benzema, Ronaldo, Kante, and Jorginho are better footballers than Mo Salah :rofl:

Messi beats Lewandowski :rofl:

What a joke.


I don’t think Erling Haaland should win it, but I do think he is significantly better than nr. 11.

I also question if this has been Messi’s great season, although I understand he did well on the national team in Copa America. I wonder what a man like Lewandowski must do to beat him though. Play in Spain or England ?


It’s a parody at this point.


What has Messi done to deserve it this year? A farce.


And dare we say…a fiddle…sorry!!! misappropriation of votes…

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Messi undeserved but doesn’t surprise me. He’s their god and they need his legend, even as it becomes a myth.

But I really don’t get Salah in 7th behind those others. What is their problem?
The PL? Africans? Muslims?


It’s a travesty that French sports rag is a joke! Every year it baffles me how their list of nomination is made up our players should not turn up to the do.
While i am at it the same goes for the FIFA nominations another joke in the list of best managers JK instead of being at the top of the list isn’t even in it!

The French journos feel the need to establish PSG as the center of the footballing world, so they elect the established star player who has recently moved there. It makes sense from their perspective, although it discredits the ballon d’or as a valid individual trophy.

As for Mo being ignored, it’s the typical post-colonial semi-racism you can find so often there. It’s simply out of the question that a man coming from the old colonies gets the price. George Weah got it once, and is the only exception among a long list of European and South-American players.

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I don’t think it’s an outrage that Mo didn’t win but there aren’t 3 better footballers in the world, let alone 6.


I think he used to play for Milan who were the dominant force at that time. That might have swayed it in his favor.


Its a fix every year. The award has been devalued over the years.
If you are not Messi or Ronaldo you cant win it.
The Spanish, French and South American journalists will all have been told to vote for Messi.

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