Billionaire Baloney

Zuckerberg will win, easily. He is much smaller, but he is fit, and has been training, with the jiu-jitsu stuff mentioned above.

Musk is given to making outlandish statements, but in this instance he is going to need to walk it back and try to make a joke out of the whole thing.

Zuckerberg instantly accepted the challenge to fight, which tells us he very much fancies his chances.

I hope he continues to double down on this, and as Musk inevitably backtracks, I hope that Zuckerberg calls him our for being a big mouth and a coward.

Let’s get it on.

I’m no fan of Zuckerberg, but there is no way whatsoever that he loses this.

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Musk getting his arse handed to him? Where do I sign up to watch that?
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As if you didn’t need any other reason to support Zuckerberg

Be hard to do from his Romanian prison cell


what a fucking joke…

hope they do push on with the fight and no one bothers watching apart from their own paid for ‘yes men/women’ and i hope no one stops the fight when it gets messy…watch them cry arse when they realise people fight it can actually result in serious consequences.

the saying ‘nero fiddled whilst rome burnt’ feels apt here, with everything the world is going through…either that, or some kind of parrelells to the french revolution…


Billionaires being bullied by nasty people just because they have big yachts…

If they could only afford to buy smaller yachts…

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It’s a saying but Nero wasn’t in Rome when the fire raged.

but the saying isnt ‘Nero fiddled in rome as it burnt’

Pedant :wink:

not really…

Dr Evil commits evil. Who would have guessed it?

I wonder if the investment banks which facilitated his loans are getting cold feet yet… I might yet be wrong but I don’t think many people would actually pay for the service, especially not if it’s owned and run by a lunatic.

Still got an account, never posted myself but use it to read-only. Everytime I have a quick look at what’s trending in Germany it’s usually mostly vile, extreme right-wing bullshit hysteria. It’s a cancer to society at this point, the few positives are vastly outweighed by the damage it does. Definitely not paying for this shit.


I’ve gone from reading stuff on twitter almost continously through the whole day, before Musk’s purchase of it, to barely reading anything on it now.