Billionaire Baloney

We strip that which we can consume. What else is a locust?

Exactly. So we shouldn’t change because it’s pointless amirite?

We’ve been paying lip service to change for decades. Look at the plastic in supermarkets, kids’ toys packaging as a perfect example. It’s cheap so I’ll have two etc etc.

I call it realism.


Sorry we’re years away from even getting near travelling at the speed of light. You know that.
The crisis facing this planet is imminent. I’m all for understanding science but trying to reach Mars doesn’t solve the energy crisis.

If we do not act within the next few years meeting the 1.5 degree figure in warming can not be achieved. The full effects of that are pretty catastrophic for some areas. The next step is 4 degrees. That is not worth thinking about and I would advise that you read up on some of the evidence presented on this rather than what Musk is spending his money on next.


I don’t need to read up on it mate, I full understand how fucked we are. Sadly. I also know we’re light years from interstellar travel (like what I did there?) But equally once upon a time we were thousands of years from getting to the moon. I’ll always be a massively keen advocate of exploring space. The energy crisis is nothing new, it isn’t going away, it’s fixed by less people and SpaceX affects it not one jot.

Build a shit load of solar now. Or nuclear. Fusion will always be 30 years away, as mentioned above. World leaders flying (HA) to have a chat about doing the square root of bugger all helps nobody any time soon.

Realism would be really trying to find real solutions for real problems in the real world, not dreaming of joining Musk on a space colony on Mars.

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Realism is seeing what humanity does and will continue to do.

Hope I’m wrong.

But, as I’m now explaining for the third time, the human race managed to live for 300,000 years without severely damaging the environment. Your nihilistic viewpoint is based on a tiny fraction of that time. We are capable of living here in a balanced way. We have the intelligence and vision to find solutions and to create a sustainable lifestyle here on Earth where we belong.


Yes, I’ve read it 3 times. But our race needs to leave this planet to survive and we don’t do that by living in harmony with the planet. As I’ve explained multiple times. This planet will get hit by a huge meteor at some point again wiping out a huge amount of life. Krakatoa’s brother will go bang again, we will have huge earthquakes and tsunamis that will kill millions. The only way for the species to survive is to become multi-planetary. If you can’t see that then fair enough.

We don’t get all this tech without damaging the planet. The irony of posing about 300000 years of living in harmony with the earth on a device probably assembled from raw materials from multiple continents is frankly laughable.

so its somehow easier to inhabit Mars than design an enviromentally friendly telephone?

one thing i will ask though, as our uber successful inspirational/parasitic wealth inequality enablers (cross off which one is applicable to you) leaders of industry investigate the possibility of leaving this place…do you think you or any member of your family present or near future, will get a ticket to that dance? will you fuck.

its all good and well citing the inevitable destruction of this planet, but we need to be realistic of the time frames of that and where the greater good can be done and more pressing needs.

if your hand is on your heart and you tuely believe that spending billions of dollars of personal wealth on giant spaceships is a more noble and better intended feat than actually conserving this planet for the immediate future, then, i suppose, so be it.

i have little faith that these early stages of space exploration are indeed, sound practice for this earths enviroment.


Define severely damaging. The human race may not have been pumping fossil fuels into the atmosphere until relatively recently but it has done significant damage to environments through over use for example.

We haven’t changed the climate before

Perhaps on a global scale, but on a local level humans have changed weather patterns through over forestation.

we haven’t had this many people on the planet before.

I suspect that mother nature is going to continue to try and find ways to make life uncomfortable for us, the longer we keep this trajectory of stripping the planet of resources. We just had a tornado/water spout here in Vancouver for the first time that I’m aware of in my lifetime of nearly 50 years. totally fucking weird.

The bold bit is right but so wrong also. How about just consuming less? We’ve been here before I feel.

Build solar? Why not, how about instead of looking at rockets for tourism, why not look at solar in orbit?

I also feel nuclear has a place for the short term at least. Whether that’s existing stations or new one’s I honestly couldn’t say but there’s lots of options on reactor types, fuels etc.

With politicians doing naff all , which frustrates me enormously, is where the opportunity for those with extreme wealth can contribute. Bezos was at COP26 for example. Why I don’t know but he has more resources to do more than pretty much anyone.

What’s better, ploughing billions into progress or billions into Newcastle?

Firstly, why would we be any safer from a meteorite on another planet?
Why would we have a better chance of survival on an uninhabitable planet?
We have survived volcanic eruptions and tsunamis before and are in a better position than ever to deal with them now.
Your ideas seem to be influenced by watching too many Hollywood disaster movies.

Rocket tourism is such a tiny fragment of a millionth of environmental impact. So rich people want to build and fire big rockets. Yes they could do something else. Personally I think it’s fair to criticise when I’ve built a huge fortune and use it for more obvious good. Until then, well, I’m a capitalist.

Yeah, all about Deep Impact and Earthquake here.

Or seeing the big picture which some seem to not be aware of.