Billionaire Baloney

Erm, double the planets inhabited halves the chance?


It’s not that straightforward. Warren Buffett’s Berkshire Hathaway has a massive energy division. He made an offer to the Texas government earlier this year to help them build up their energy infrastructure following severe shortages last winter and I believe they turned him down. His company is expecting to spend $24.4bn over the next two years on ‘new wind generation project expansions, repowering of existing wind facilities, and electric transmission and distribution’

Musk, as much as I dislike him has apparently promised to deliver lots of cheap solar energy wants Tesla develops enough scale.

But the funding is massive. How much has Bezos spent on building a space penis? Musk on his toy rockets. Image that wealth being poured into renewables, health, education, or other energy etc. Musk loves to show that he’s some evangelist following Tesla etc. but he’s still going after his vanity projects. Why stop at electric cars?

He isn’t. Solar Roof | Tesla United Kingdom

Darn it you’ve ruined my thoughts on Musk before I’d even finished typing my problems with him.

That’s the issue. Texas dont want people to move away from big thirsty trucks and Buffets efforts should be applauded and that should also not stop him from trying to push those alternative energy projects forward.

Billionaire Baloney, good thread, cheers!

Elon Musk stock sale to pay tax? I am all for the result, if it means he pays billions in tax. I am against the methodology, as it should be up to the relevant authorities to tax people, not the Twitter sphere.

It is probably a publicity stunt for Musk, and he looks magnanimous in doing it, but he is a cock. I think his wealth has gone north of the $300 Billion mark, which is ridiculous. He has every chance of being the worlds first trillionaire, if we say a trillion is a thousand billion. Space X will be bigger than Tesla in time.

Which links me to the climate tangent.

If we wait until the earth ‘naturally’ expires, then yes, what’s the urgency to try to colonize Mars? But the issue is if earth should unnaturally expire, or more specifically human life on earth. It might happen by an asteroid hitting, similar to the dinosaurs. It might happen with the next pandemic. It might happen dues to all out nuclear war. It might happen due to the affects of climate change. Or it could be something else.

The logic of colonizing Mars is to have a ‘back up’ option to the earth ‘hard drive’ should it go tits up.

If enough time and technological advancement elapses, humans will surely look beyond this solar system, but for now, Mars is in focus.

I understand the call to take the climate crisis seriously, and to work on improving prospects for future generations here on earth, but I see no reason why it has to be one or the other.

Governments need to come together for sustained action on the climate crisis. What we have had so far has by and large been lip service, or vastly inadequate. It feels like it is getting worse though, so that might prompt more action.

And Bond villains like Musk should do their thing too. Dream big. Achieve. Innovate. Oh, and pay your taxes too.

Musk isn’t building penis enlargements though that’s the difference. As I’ve posted many times. He makes NASA now look utterly redundant. Private business showing government how to do it properly. Bozo and Beardy are building glorified themepark rides.

And Musk isn’t feeding his ego?

I applaud what he’s done with Tesla and how he’s extending that stuff but while advancing rocket technology is all well and good I still remain unconvinced that he’s doing it for the greater good of the human race.

Justifying his efforts because “he’s doing it better than NASA” is kind of pointless to be honest. Where’s Musk’s equivalent of the James Webb or Hubble?

Landing a rocket safely back on earth was a huge advance.

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Not in the same league imo.

what could possibly be an equivalent of a $10,000,000,000 space camera?

I cannot even fathom spending that much money on ANY one single piece of equipment. the Burj Khalifa was only $1,500,000,000. it’s incredulous.

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Aren’t we a bit more than that? Here’s a question: why are we here on earth? What is the purpose of mankind, and what is your purpose? Is it only to strip what we can consume, what you can consume? Mmm…

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Wrong thread, ascribing purpose to humanity implies something giving or requiring that purpose.

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It is really not. But for some reason, you prefer to remain sitting on your nihilistic and deeply depressive vision of humanity as another species of locusts. Good luck with that.


Well, you’re more than welcome to hope that we’ll change. Cars, roads, plastics, packaging, fast fucking food packaging, electricity x 100000, etc etc etc.

Things have to change now. They won’t. That’s not nihilistic, that’s just a fact.

well it’s getting better. the cars are getting more efficient than they were 25 years ago, problem is there are more of them. our overall emissions are cleaner, but higher volumes due to population growth. Styro packaging is effectively rare now, and the transition to get rid of single-use plastics is taking foothold.

try to look at the small steps we are making. it’s not all gloom and doom.

If we can slow population growth on this planet, we may have a chance…


We are here to pass on our genetic material - everything else around that is incidental. Every move you make and every breath you take is about passing on your genes / protecting and nurturing your offspring. Natural selection will take care of whose genes prosper and whose don’t. It is not being nihilistic to say that, it is an observable natural fact. There does not have to be a why, there does not have to be a purpose. Free your mind from those constructs and you end up liberated.

Some would argue that this viewpoint renders all the loftier aspects of human existence - love, compassion, music, art, literature, etc as meaningless. That is not correct. All of those attributes and many more, have contributed to the success of passing on human genetic material.

Well then, that’s sorted.

Carry On

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