Bournemouth vs. Liverpool: League Cup Fourth Round, November 1, Wednesday 19:45

Bournemouth are seventeenth in the league table, just a point above the drop-zone. Maybe, this is just a distraction for them; for us though, it’s a trophy to be won.

Gomez Matip Quansah Chambers
Gravenberch Endo Curtis
Elliott Gakpo Jota

Come on Reds, raise hell :fist:


Do we know how long is Doak out for?

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What’s the TV situation on this one? I don’t think the last one was televised in the UK. I managed to get it PPV in Germany.

It’s not on TV here. Sky are showing West Ham v Arsenal and Man U v Newcastle

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Yeah, I’d go for this line up as well. Jota to knick the winner.

Klopp will surely now see this as a very good chance to bag some early silverware, perhaps 5-6 changes instead of 10-11?

Kelleher Gomez Matip Virgil Chambers Endo Szobo Jones Salah Gakpo Jota


Not sure Elliot can play the forward role.

Gomez Matip Quansah Chambers
Elliot Endo Jones
Dominik Gakpo Jota

Salah to come in later and get his customary goal to wrap things up.

It’s away and Bournemouth are stronger than the teams we have in our EL group so I expect us to go a bit stronger.

Gomez Matip VvD Chambers
Gravenberch Endo Jones
Elliott Gakpo Jota


Gomez Matip VvD Chambers
Elliott Endo Gravenberch
Salah Gakpo Jones

The competition isn’t as important as the EL and surely Bournemouth‘s priority is PL survival.


Brooks the idiot who could not wait to send van Dijk off is the referee.:face_vomiting: No mention who the VAR is, perhaps none so the POS Brooks can do what he wants.

AFC Bournemouth v Liverpool (19:45)
Lee Betts and Akil Howson
Fourth Official : James Linington

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The weather is likely to be quite bad for this game. Another storm is on the way.


Yes, it doesn’t look too clever:

Too early to say for sure but it looks like a big weather front hitting. I wouldn’t fancy having to travel home from that one.

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Will it be postponed…that is the question?

Are they using VAR in this competition?

If it is, until when? I can’t see any obvious gaps in our schedule. The only possibility would be to play it during the international break with players that aren’t called up.

Say it is postponed…when they find a date to play the game…if it is on a Saturday or Sunday, the game that is planned for the Saturday or Sunday why can’t this be rearranged for the last game of the season…instead of crunching it up into an already packed fixture list…or am I being a bit naive here…

As this is the League Cup, it would need to be played at the earliest opportunity to allow the next round of fixtures to go ahead.

A Premier League fixture can be reschedulled at any point prior to the last round of games as the actual order of games has little bearing on other games in theory.

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The Met office said heavy :umbrella: in the morning for Bournemouth but after 12 :sunny: and dry.

The FA Cup has usually used the next round dates as an opening.

Apparently it’s sitting on the south until Thursday morning.
VAR isn’t used in the league cup I don’t believe (bar the final).